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time out for tootsiesBaby Love here! Every once in a while I figure it would be a nice gesture to give our moms a little something for themselves. Granted, we’ve all admitted that we love our kid’s products just as much for ourselves, as for them, but wouldn’t it be nice to have something that was just for us?!

SunFlower Hill was kind enough to send our reviewers Time Out for Tootsies, “a mini fabulous footcare set!” In this economy, we’re really all trying to save a buck or two. My bi-monthly pedicures have gone right out the window. Unfortunately, there was nothing more relaxing to me than a really good pedicure. When we were packing up for Florida, and I realized that my flip flops were going to be out in full swing for three weeks, I panicked. Then I remembered that my mini pedi set was sitting on my bathroom shelf, just waiting for this day.

I used my Dr. Scholls foot bath, and soaked my feet in their “fabulous foot soak.” The smell of peppermint filled my bathroom, and the soak did such a fantastic job of getting rid of some of the dead skin that had accumulated over the months. My favorite product in the bag, however, is the dual sided pumice stone and soap. The pumice stone slothed off the remaining debris, and then some! I actually used the pumice stone to help get rid of some of the cuticle growth that had occurred in the six months since my last pedi (gross), and I was really please with how well it worked. My feet felt so smooth after using the soap side of the pumice stone. I lathered the soap all over my feet, and sat there for a few minutes before washing them off. I waited to apply the foot cream until that evening after I had painted my nails, and was ready for bed.  I slathered them up, put my warm socks on, and the next morning my feet looked like they were professionally done!

SunFlower Hill
is based in Hollis Maine, and all of their products are hand made in small batches, their soaps are hand cut, and their packaging really makes the product pop. Aside from these lovely mini pedi sets, SunFlower Hill has a huge selection of wonderfully scented soaps, lotions, gels, lip balms, sea salts, etc. These are quality products, that won’t break the bank. Products that are perfect for an addition to a holiday, birthday, baby, or “just because” gift bag.

Take a look through their site, and you were surely fall in love with a number of different products that you can AFFORD!

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