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Sweetassgal here, to bring you the best natural and organic products our Mother Earth has to offer us by the way of Green Chi Tuesdays!

It’s a little hard to describe the exuberant feeling of complete euphoria that comes over me whenever I receive a new package of coveted beauty treasures from Meg. This last week was one such experience. My daughter came back from the mailbox with a HUGE grin on her face and the highly prized parcel in her hands. Since I usually get the honors I let her tear open the top and reveal its contents. One by one she pulled out each gorgeous jewel and we both simultaneously squeeled with delight. My first to try and right up my alley…Suki Sensitive Cleansing Organic Lemongrass Extract and Shea Butter Bar.

Let me just say that of the five senses, smell has to be the first thing I go to whenever I get a new product to try. It doesn’t matter what kind of godlike promises it may make, how utterly adorable the packaging is, or how excited I get just by holding it in my hand…if it doesn’t smell good I can’t buy into it. Ms. Suki herself is completely ingenious because she packaged this splendid bar of cleansing perfection in a box equipped with handy dandy airholes cut right into the side of the little yellow box. I didn’t even have to UNWRAP the soap to get instant olfactory gratification (and I’m ALL about the immediate gratification which explains my overflowing shoe closet)! The side of the box went immediately up to my nose and I deeply inhaled the intoxicating scent of lemongrass! There is something so soothing, so relaxing about lemongrass that you just let it wash over you, taking it in all the aromatic loveliness that it holds. Next stop…STRAIGHT to the shower!

I already knew the lemongrass scent was a hit, but I didn’t have high hopes for it as a body bar. I grew up with ‘natural’ soaps that my mom used to get at our local health food store. They usually consisted of either honey and oat bars or some kind of slickery glycerin soap that I could never actually hold on to when it was wet and didn’t ever work up much of a lather (though it was fun to grab hold of the glycerin soap and watch it skyrocket out of my hands and across the tub…that was entertainment back in the day!). As I vigorously rubbed this completely organic body bar I was surprised to see a rich lather spilling forth culminating in a highly fragrant and luxurious cleansing experience. I worked the lather over my entire body and continued to bask in the glorious aromatherapy it provided. It was pure bathing bliss. I paid special attention to the way it rinsed off of me and noted that my skin felt moisturized and clean and left no residue behind. Running my hands across my arms I just felt soft skin…no ‘squeaky clean’ or ‘rubber stopper’ kind of skin if you know what I mean. The scent lingered for several hours but was not so overpowering that you couldn’t wear another scent and was definitely discernable when you put your hands to your nose. OH…and my husband tried it too…vote of confidence #2 and not too girlie for the boys to use as well. This is NOT your grocery store bar of Dial…it’s a vegan, completely organic, lemongrass and shea butter, Vitamin E infused bar of loveliness. Here’s what Ms. Suki has to say…

“Deep clean and soften your skin with the sukiĀ® sensitive cleansing body bar soap, which is made from all vegan & organic ingredients.Great for all skin types including sensitive skin, this vegan soap combines the aromatic scent of lemons and the nurturing abilities of shea butter. We love the sukiĀ® sensitive cleansing bar soap because it is gentle yet invigorating! This organic soap has very quickly become a staff favorite. Also available in travel size.”

I hope everyone gives this a try the next time they find their shower bar dwindling down to nary a sliver and disappearing into some mysterious body crevice, never to be seen again! Where DO those tiny little soap slivers vanish to anyway? If you’ve already tried this and are a fan (how could you NOT be) then please let us know what you think and spread the word about this wonderful product and all around amazing product line. Remember, everything you put on your body and down the drain matters…to you and to our Mother Earth so go organic and LOVE yourself by pampering both with Suki Sensitive Cleansing Bar. GLAM ON megsmakeup gals!

I know we have huge Suki fans out there! Anyone tried this slice of heaven?

Suki! Buy It Here!

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