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Suki is a favorite Meg’s Makeup brand. If you haven’t tried her Lemongrass Exfoliating Scrub (available at Whole Foods and then you are really missing out on a fabulous experience. A yummy spa built into your shower, your skin will thank-you for this treat!

Imagine how thrilled we were to receive another Suki product to test. This time it was her organic hand and body velvet creme! If it was anywhere as good as her facial scrub then we were in for a luxe experience.

One of our reviewers said to me “Oh my gosh, I get those little white arm bumps, you know they’re like pimples but they’re not pimples. They’re these white bumps and I’ve tried everything to get rid of them. Well, that Suki creme GOT RID of them. I’ve been using it and it dries so fast and they’re gone”!

That’s quite an endorsement! I have had one or two of those pesky bumps in my life and they’re called keratosis. They are the skin cells that normally flake off as a fine dust from the skin but they form plugs in the hair follicles. Then they turn into those annoying white bumps.

I was happy to read that Omega 3 vitamins are suggested to get rid of them. I just started my Omega 3 tablets (yeah-GNC) 2 weeks ago and my hair, skin and nails have been visibly shinier, healthier and stronger. So the next time you’re out I really recommend that you pick up a bottle! You’ll definitely see results.

Suki’s hand and body velvet creme has a tough act to follow with their highly touted facial scrub. Can Suki follow up that hit product with another one? Here’s what Suki says about her hand and body velvet creme…“unlike any lotion you have tried, our rich, completely natural hand & body moisturizer softens & soothes skin, removes bumps & dryness & promotes whole body wellness without the dependence & side effects caused by toxic & questionable ingredients. Enjoy”!

Ladies, please post if Suki hand and body creme has left you feeling like velvet!!

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