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scale5BabyLove here!  I just had a doctor’s appointment this past Friday, and I have to admit that I was a little nervous about it.  I hadn’t been on the scale in almost a month.  I avoided the scale for a number of reasonS, including that I was afraid the initial 8 lbs. I lost was just part of some dream where I regained a visible waist.  Thus, you can imagine my shock and my physicians, when we read the scale and realized that I have lost 14 lbs!

My primary care physician has gone above and beyond for me, and my struggle with my weight.  She entertained all of my ideas as to why I wasn’t losing my weight.  After I stepped off the scale, she turned to me and said “Eileen, maybe you don’t have a mystery illness prohibiting your weight loss?”  When I told her that I was on The Fresh Diet, she was incredibly pleased.  She actually used the program herself to shed 20lbs. after the birth of her third baby.  We discussed all aspects of the diet, including cost, which is why she is reluctant to recommend it to her patients.  She did bring up a good point, and that is if you only get the service for four out of the seven days of the week, it only runs you around $140.00.  We both agreed that aside from the weight loss and convenience, the most important piece of the diet is that it really serves as a three month crash course on proper nutrition.

I’ve talked about the quality of this food service, convenience, and the fact that this diet is also a tool to teach you how to make smart decision on the types of food, and sizes of portions to eat.  What I haven’t talked too much about is the fact that not only am I losing the weight, but that I’m also gaining back my self esteem.  When I was at work on Thursday, at least 5 people told me that it looked like I had lost a lot of weight.  You know how awesome that feels?!  It makes me feel like I want to get out and run those miles, put on a nice pair of jeans and a fresh face of makeup.  The Fresh Diet is making me feel like a woman again, instead of only feeling like a mom.

I have about 45 days left on my delivery service, and 12 more pounds to lose.

I have three weddings this Spring and Fall, and I can’t wait go and feel like I can be part of the couple’s photo album without ruining it.
The Fresh Diet has been the best decision that I have made about my health in three years.  I can’t wait for bathing suit weather!

I hope to be able to report in 45 days that I have been successful in losing the remaining 12 pounds! I am confident I can and I thank the Fresh Diet for helping change my life!

Who not only has lost weight but has been successful in keeping it off?

Check it out here!

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