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Stacy B here! Happy fall! I can finally say it. I am not good with the end of summer, but once I get a whiff of crunchy leaves, have my first pumpkin muffin, dig out my boots and scarves and realize how cute and comfy jeans and swaeters are…I accept it. 🙂 Now, I am all things fall!

The house is decorated, pumpkins are out, Halloween costumers are purchased, closets are changed over, leaves are piling up and apples have been picked. I am full-on fall. So much, that I’ve switched my kitchen lotion to a pumpkin scent. A few months ago, I wrote a review about Stonewall Kitchen’s Grapefruit Thyme Lotion and how much I loved it. It’s almost gone and it’s not easy to get (mostly online only) so I was using it pretty sparingly.

Then I found out they have Pumkin Harvest from the same line!  I was so excited. I love this lotion. The brand is great, and keeps your hands so soft. The nights are getting colder around her and I’ve found myself waking up with some dry skin spots as my skin adjusts to drier temps. This lotion has kept my hands and nails healthy and yummy yummy…..It smells so good. Like your favorite pumpkin bread mixed with cinnamon, spice and fall leaves.

The best part about this, when I ordered it, I got a free pumkpin pancake mix with it! My boys loved it. They ate those pancakes up so fast I didn’t have any leftovers!

The bottle is really big, too, so this will last a long time. Probably too long. I’ll be wishing for Christmas scents before I even make a dent in this bottle. I keep it in the kitchen so I can share with everyone. Which normally I don’t do. I am in a house full of boys and if I have a nice product I really like, NO ONE TOUCHES IT BUT ME. 🙂 Mom’s rules. If I have to live among trucks, dirt, frogs and soccer balls, I get my pretty products to myself. But this bottle is so big, I’ll share. Besides, the scent is really soft and lingers in a good way. It makes the boys smell delicious. For as long as boys can smell good.

I will be watching this brand for more yummy winter scents. Who knows, maybe I’ll find a winter peppermint or frost scent and with it, a hot chocolate mix, or a gingerbread recipe! Stonewall Kitchen, you never disappoint me!





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