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I’m a super sucker for gimmicks. I love twists on the original: A light in the wand of my lip gloss, man-attracting Cinnamon flavored lipstick, mini mascara that hooks onto my cell phone, eye shadows in a pulp fiction package. I also love products that make my life easier, or getting ready quicker. I hope I never have to add up all the hours I spent getting ready in life, because I think the total will surpass hours spent sleeping! Shower to door is about an hour and a half for me, YIKES!

Anyway, in my quest for DD’s, my eye was caught by something very gimmicky. Now let me just say, that most of the time “gimmicky” and “effective” just don’t do the horizontal mambo together. But this particular day the planets aligned and I was blessed with a new favorite product and a DD for you! Spongables is a shower gel and sponge all in one! It comes in either 10 or 20 washes and in flavors like: ‘Peony Passion’ (yes Meg, I bought one for you!), ‘cucumber melon’, and ‘spicy mango”. The sponge lathers up in the shower to give you tons of the must luscious, rich bubbles! It smells de-vine! And the sponges come in cute and colorful shapes. There is even a lavender-tea tree Spongable with a buffer especially for the feet. And one just for men!! You’re in luck HOM! They range from 3.99 to 5.50. And if you’re super thrifty, the sponge can still be used when the shower gel runs out!

So until they come out with Jetson-style all in ones like blow dryer/auto make-up applier, shortening my getting ready time will have to rely on cool things like Spongables!

And just to keep my posts uniform: big boobs, actress, fabulous red carpet events, hanging with celebs, advocating for lobsters, secretly eating lobsters, practicing my pole dancer moves in my basement. There. Isn’t there so much comfort in repetitiveness??

Ladies, what Drugstore Bodywash do you swear by?

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