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mandarinorientalvegasMeg here! Have you ever decided to just throw caution to the wind and say “Yeah, it is really expensive and not at all responsible but you only live once? True, you could live to be 100 and die broke but you could be hit by a bus tomorrow and you’ll really wish you booked that spa appointment.”

If you decide to indulge and be all hedonisitic and just plain crazy. Do it in Vegas. There are two ways to do Las Vegas. The first way we all know, party hearty, dance the night away, drink your head off. Recover in the morning with a Bloody Mary and start all over again until Sunday at the airport home.

The second way to do Vegas is better for those of us approaching or over the Big 4-0. Fabulous (quiet) restaurants and top notch shows. Smoke free, casino free- 5 Star Resorts. No hotel gets it more right on a more consistent basis the the ultra luxurious Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Every time I go to NYC (and I go there A LOT) I make my way to the lounge at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel. There is no better view in the entire city. True, one cockatail is about the same price as a lunch meal but in this case, you definitely get what you pay for. Overlooking the park is noth short of breathtaking. At night it’s all zen and just perfect. Trust me.

Know this about The Mandarin Oriental NYC, I would have to try the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas. It’s new, it’s chic and it’s quiet. I needed a place to take my boyfriend for his birthday weekend. He would rather cut off his own arm and beat himself to death with it before he would go to a Hard Rock Hotel. He’s not exactly turning 21. Which is fine. Been there done that.

Joe is not exactly into being (his words) “all fluff & buffed.”

I think when people say those things it is because they haven’t been to the right fluff & buff..I was determined to change his mind.

Welcome to The Spa At The Mandarin Oriental. Your mind is about to be blown. The ultimate in “The Fluff & Buff.”

I booked a day there, because I am THE ULTIMATE GIRLFRIEND. Also, I wanted to go myself so I’m not as altruistic as I may appear.

First of all, it’s totally beautiful. I’ve been to a ton of spa’s in Vegas and this one is, hands down, the winner by far. The actual space itself is spectacular. You are high above the Vegas strip, sorrounded by windows. Each room is more state of the art, than the last.

I booked The Art Of Romance, a Suite Experience. It was not only a Suite Experience but a Sweet one! Talk about turning someone into a “Fluff & Buff” fan. Everything was beyond fabulous. From the foot scrub to the massage-World Class. The spa technicians were so beyond accomodating. My boyfriend is very claustrophobic and the masseuses went out of their way to make him feel comfortable.

That’s right! We were in the suite for over 3 hours! That’s a lot of treatments. The women were experts and did everything to make us feel like Royalty.

If you have an anniversary, honeymoon, special birthday or just want to celebrate a day ending in “y” with your hubby than look no further than this treatment!

Here is how we enjoyed the crazy Vegas scene, by being completely pampered to and totally relaxing. Not exactly what you think when you think Vegas, right?

“Relax and enjoy time together in the sumptuous Dragon suites of the spa, as you embark on a blissful spa journey à deux. After a welcoming foot ritual, the treatment commences with a skin softening body exfoliation for you and your loved one. Following, you will luxuriate in a hydrotherapy soaking tub scented with an elixir of therapeutic natural bath essences. A personalized aromatherapy massage follows, as every muscle from head to toe is relaxed.”


I give this treatment 5 champagne flutes and that’s only because I can’t give it 10! What a day! What Spa is your favorite?


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