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southseas1Meg here! There are lots of perks to being a beauty writer. One of the greatest perks is the super talented and genius artists I get to me. Hair, Makeup and yes, tanning. Sometimes life gets in the way and time creeps up on us and where we had 5 days to get ready for an event-now we have 5 minutes.

I had a big red-carpet event to go to and my skin’s pasty whiteness was almost ghoulish! That would be fine if it were October but it was August. All of the celebrities in LA and the Victoria’s Secret models get tanned by Jimmy Jimmy Coco. I did not have the luxury of time on my side to be able to pop in for one of his spray days. I had one day before the event and a can of South Seas Tahitian Tan Mist. How crazy do you have to be to spray yourself with a spray tanner that you’ve never tried before? Well, you know me. I like to live on the edge! Kiss

I went through the information on the South Seas Tahitian Tan Mist. I saw that the company was a professionals favorite and that you could buy this stuff by the gallon if you needed to! The information on my emergency spray go-to was that it won Allure’s Best In Beauty Award-FOR THREE STRAIGHT YEARS!

That was all the information I needed! I hopped in the shower, shaved and exfoliated. I dried off and then stood back in the shower. For the best overall, even spray-you’re going to have to use the buddy system. I asked my boyfriend to spray me (it’s very important to know he has no cosmetic training but with the instructions to just “spray paint me”) he did great.

I patted myself off (just like you would if you had visited a spray tan machine) put on my clothes and called Jimmy Jimmy Coco to tell him no worry. I think the spray was going to work out fine. Jimmy said this “Tell the Meg Heads to be careful if they have dry patches on their knees or elbows. If any of my Victoria’s Secret Angels have a dry patch I stick a little moisturizer there and rub it in first. I let the moisturizer get absorbed and then I spray. Dry skin can suck in too much color.”

My verdict? Well, there is a reason the ladies call South Seas Skincare Tahitian Mist Crack In A Can.” It works beautifully. I was streak-free and even. I was golden and not orange. It lasted me about a week and took the boyfriend only 5 minutes to get me to this great result.

If you have any type of special event or vacation coming up I strongly suggest this. I think you’ll be very very pleased. I always keep one bottle in spare now. Life may get in the way sometimes but a busy schedule is never going to prevent me from bronzed goddess status when there are camera’s around!

How many of you have used a spray tanner? This stuff is great!

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