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Goddess Granny thinking about life today: it’s all moving so quickly and the tasks we set out to achieve everyday are becoming monumental even if they start out small…stress is rampant and relief is tough in this economy as it’s harder for many to use retail therapy, take a long spa-day, or to break away from work or family for a few much needed days out of the loop in hopes of feeling “right with the world” again.
Whatever is a girl to DO when it feels like the walls are closing in and like the very core of what makes her “tick” as a female is drying up and withering inside of us because of what we must deal with on a daily basis?

She should dance!

Do we risk forever losing that fabulous female creature who simmers beneath the surface just because we have to go through the motions of what passes for “life” some days in order to survive? Is she buried beneath baggy team t-shirts or covered in Kool-Aid stains? Maybe’s she so exhausted from coping with a career that demands, classes or a business that consumes, or a relationship that drains and then she wakes up one day to find that there’s nothing at all left for her?

Oh yes there is!

Maybe she’s just  sad or feeling bad about herself and needs something extraordinary to jolt her back into feeling anything at all?
It DOES exist!
I’m going to share with you how something rather unconventional helped to “right” many wrongs in my life a few years ago.

I’ve been where many of you may be now and know how hard it can be to keep that spirit inside alive!

Hear me out and once you understand how much FUN and how FAB this is then, “judgment” goes to the back-burner VERY quickly!

I love men and I love the men here on Meg’s but sorry guys, this one’s for the girls, Kiss! Maybe you-IF you get very lucky in a roundabout way.Wink
I have no background in dance, no gymnastics, no training of any kind and honestly, I am the furthest thing from graceful or an athlete that probably ever walked and talked. I was also 51 when this all started.
A few years ago life had taken me in other directions and I was burnt out.The deep kind of burnt out that takes your body, mind, and spirit.
I live on a rural ranch and honestly,we make our own “fun” here…it’s not like I can just jump in the car and go anywhere or do much easily.
Geographical limitations can be just as challenging as those that are financial or time-related-trust me.

I knew however at that point that unless I found SOMETHING to shake things up a bit, I was going to become yet one more “middle-aged woman” who gave up.We all know the type and I simply refused to go into that mushy-grey-area without a fight! I mean mentally here as well as physically my pretties!

I needed to get serious, to get physical, and to shape up at the risk of my mental sanity and physical well-being.There was no gym for 50 miles BUT I knew I had to do something here at home that might kick start myself again.
I was browsing the web for a “trendy workout routine” although my ass had pretty much been glued to a chair or computer for a couple of years and any “definition” was strictly in my words at that point. One of the first things that popped up was “Poledance Fitness.”

Mind you, I’m a product of Catholic school and of a more “inhibited” generation yet for some reason, I clicked on the link. Pandora’s Box flew WIDE open at that second, let me tell you!  I ogled, I read, I gasped…I WANTED!

Within 20 minutes or so I had defined my “intentions” and had a chat with Mike,the man who suffers me so well.

Me: “I want a pole and these DVD’s…”
Mike:“You want a WHAT Hon?”
Me: “A pole…you know, a stripper pole.”
Mike: (now grinning from ear to ear…) “Okay…how much is this gonna’ cost me and will it make you happy?”
Me: “Well…if you want me to stop being miserable,you’ll understand why I need this.”
Order was placed for a set of “instructional DVD’s and a shiny chrome pole within minutes.The Fed Ex guy arrived in a couple of days and I think he actually snorted as he delivered my “Lil’ Mynx Pole” to my former sewing studio.I just flipped my hair and ignored him, I KNEW something good was in that box! Mike installed the thing for me and I shooed him out the door, locking it behind him: first “rule of pole” is that YOU control not only the movement but also your audience: whether you choose to make it a very personal solitary-experience or a showy spectator-sport is entirely up to you!

I was literally terrified of the damn thing: it was slick,shiny,unforgiving and VERY tall to my way to thinking…what in the HELL was I thinking of to ever believe I could do anything like this?
Here’s a visual for you: instructional DVD playing on pc nearby. I have companion book in hand, music in background and am trying to get up the NERVE to spin around the pole WHILE looking at pictures in the book mind you! I fell every day for about 2 weeks UNTIL I just stopped trying so hard Undecided! My bruises were the stuff of legend.

The rest as they say is history and I begin to learn in the immortal words of my girl Mae West that “Anything worth doing is worth doing SLOWLY!
I took baby steps: I learned how to walk, how to crawl, how to spin and how to land without looking like a new-born giraffe.I told no one what I was learning,I figured it out on my own and found an online community where one could chat with women of all ages and abilities who “understood…” I found a new hobby in downloading music that set my soul on fire and browsed for clothes to dance in that I would never considered before. Little by little I learned that women through the ages have danced to express themselves: to incite and to inspire, to heal and to envoke, and simply because we are all “designed” as women to move in a fluid and seductive way simply by our right of birth no matter what size, shape, or age we might be!
I danced…and little by little I started to notice REMARKABLE changes physically, mentally, and emotionally. 🙂
Part 2 to follow…

Have any of you tried any of these dance classes or dvd’s? Sounds like some pole is super good for the soul!

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