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Meg here, sick of me yet? I’d a little hard for my bevy of beautiful writers to follow me lately! One minute I’m all “Megs is down for the week” the next time they check they see “Meg’s is back up!” They’ve been extremely understanding and supportive towards me so there’s no hard feelings..Just Aargh! My piece isn’t written! The amazing and natural Sweetassgal will be back Tuesday!

Megken and I are a perfect match, he doesn’t ever drink, he is allergic to cigg smoke, die-hard vegetarian and loves all things natural and organic. I’m having a cigg while I type this, drinking my coffee and have some bacon in the microwave. I think I exercised when I was in NYC in October and walked to the subway in stiletto’s.

So, I was a little bit panicked that I, of all people, had to write about a great organic product. Then I remembered I practically co-habit ate with an organic health-nut! I had not only a review but a great one! An inexpensive, Find-At-Trader-Joe’s easy vegan review. One I could get actually get behind! Shikai Moisturizing Shower Gel in a great Cucumber Melon scent.

My skin has been pretty itchy lately and i think it’s been the dry weather. Either that or Penny has fleas. Let’s go with the dry weather theory. This gel leaves a nice silky moisture on my skin and I notice the nights that I use it I sleep better. The scent is light. That’s probably a pus for most people because, like I said, it’s in my boyfriend’s shower. I however, think it could be even stronger but I’m sure I’m in the minority. It’s also completely chemical free so even people with the most sensitive skin will be able to enjoy this. It’s a pretty big bottle and all the price of $6.00.

I’ve been looking at the other scents in this Shikai line and I’m hoping to try the Yuzu (Japanese Citrus) body wash scent that looks like has a cult following.

Actually, a lot of their stuff looks pretty interesting….Hmmm, this guilt-free shopping maybe a great excuse to spend some money…

Viva Organic!

Anyone else with any Shikai recommendations? So far, I’m really liking this line! Shikai! Buy It Here!






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