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The sexy and soothing Sarah from Seboni sent out MegsMakeup a variety from the Seboni Cornish Spa Essentials line. They say…“Created with a high percentage of pure aromatherapy oils, each product is designed to help recreate the spa experience at home”.

This spa-at-home thing is very good for me. Because you read this site I am pretty sure you have come to the rightful conclusion that I am a total, neurotic spaz.

The spa in LA is probably different then anywhere else in the US (besides Miami, Miami maybe a tougher spa experience all around). I am a never-nude (shower and sleeping only ok) even then the curtain is pulled and I’m under sheets. I am fine with my body. I just don’t want everyone else to be fine with it. I am the geek that brings their bikini to the spa. I know.

I just don’t get it. Maybe being comfortable comes with age (which is insane to me because the older I get, umm, the more things I see I don’t like). Anyhow, in LA, the nudies run rampant at the spa. Not discreetly slide into the hot tub or quicky wrap the robe around while walking around and chatting -quite the opposite. The ladies talk to each other, leisurely get up for a glass of water, slowly strut from tub to tub robe free in all their nudie glory. They’re like 10 years older then me and I’m in the corner with eyebrows raised. I’m the burka lady in the bikini.

Onto the massage table, again my major spaz issues kick in. The poor soul that rubs me probably feels as though I should instead be lying on a couch and they should have a clipboard. He rubs my feet, I start to giggle “That tickles”! He rubs my butt “No, just lower back, my bum’s fine.”
Forget about the “breast rub”.

Whenever I meet someone for the first time and they lean in for a hug I have my hand out to shake theirs-when ignored, I begrudgingly go in for the “OK,” slap on the back.

It’s not easy being crazy. Why can’t I walk around and be relaxed, naked as a jaybird? I’m paying good money for this calming experience. Hang on-popping a Xanax.

So spa-at-home is just what I crave. It shows your life is pretty cush when you actually say..“I just can’t deal with the spa”!. Replace “cush” with “crazy” still applies.

Seboni Cornish Spa sent all of us gorgeous items and I hope each lady tells what they got. Here’s what Seboni says about their line…

“Seboni Cornish Spa Essentials is a new range of luxury aromatherapy toiletries from Cornwall, southwest England.

This natural aromatherapy range of rich Body Lotions, refreshing Bath & Shower Gels, invigorating Bath & Massage Oils and other revitalizing treatment products will transport you to the beautiful coastline of Cornwall’s Roseland Peninsula, complete with crashing Cornish waves, clear blue skies and the fragrant aroma of fresh herbs growing in a nearby meadow. Created with a high percentage of pure aromatherapy oils, each product is designed to help recreate the spa experience at home.

Seboni products contain no artificial fragrances, no parabens (carcinogenics), no lanolins (which often contain contaminants such as pesticides), no PEGs (petrochemically derived ingredients), no harsh detergents and no animal products. The products have not been tested on animals”.

Ladies, please let me know if I can forever forgo the anxiety a spa day brings me and just rub my own butt with these products?

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