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sebamedStacy B here!  I feel like Thanksgiving was so long ago! I’m in full holiday swing here, yesterday I took a day off for an ultrasound (Baby B is doing great! I’m halfway there!), had lunch with the hubby and got about 90% of our Christmas shopping done before heading out to a nice dinner in Boston with some co-workers and their significant others. The lights and trees were so pretty and despite the still warm temps (65 yesterday!) Christmas is in the air. Turkey is but a memory to me now.
I do remember the night before Thanksgiving when all my baking was done I looked down at my nails and realized I really needed a manicure but didn’t have time. I found a great reddish burgundy color in my drawer that was perfect for the fall holiday and sat right down to paint my nails. After a close look I notice my skin was really dry and I had SIX tiny little cuts on my fingers and hands! SIX! My skin was so dry that the baking and cleaning and preparing had ripped apart my hands. There was nothing I could do but find some lotion for a quick fix and hope that my holiday festive nails would distract from the fact that I looked like I got into a bar fight.
I’m sure no one but me noticed, but I vowed to take better care of my hands throughout the winter. On my desk at work, I have Sebamed’s hand and nail balm.  I’ve reviewed Sebamed before here and really liked it and still use it. This lotion seemed perfect for my dry cracked hands so I started using it as much as I could.
This hand lotion is advertised as non-greasy and rapidly absorbed, which I am not totally in agreement with. It’s a little more liquid-y than I like my lotions. I want thick creams that you can feel working right away and that your skin drinks right up. This is a little slippery and required a LOT of hand rubbing to rub it all in. It definitely did absorb and when it did my hands were not greasy, but it took awhile to get there.
It is enriched with allantoin and vitamin B5 to support skin’s natural health, while keratin promotes natural firmness and elasticity. That’s from their site and to be perfectly honest (which you know I always am!) I am not totally sure what that means. But, I like that there are natural ingredients and there is a science behind this lotion. It’s about a healthy pH balance for your skin, not just a good smell or a fun package. That’s really a good thing!

It has a nice smell and you don’t need to use a lot. The smell doesn’t linger so you are left smelling clean and fresh. It’s been about two weeks since the hand massacre and I only have 1 little cut on my knuckle. Which was totally my fault, I was trying to rip open a package I got in the mail before my husband got home because it was a present for him! Packing tape got the best of me that day.
My nails do feel stronger than I remember for this time of year, and I haven’t had many breaks in the last two weeks either. Which means when I do have time for that pre-holiday mani-pedi, they’ll look great!
This is only about $13 and for what you get it’s worth it. I can get over the extra rubbing it takes to get it absorbed because once it is, it works really well. Now if I could just get my co-workers to stop trying to steal it! Kiss

What hand lotion are you loving?

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