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The sexy and sassy Laura Lee from Scott Barnes sent Megsmakeup out some of his famous Body Bling for review.

Megs Makeup interviewed Scott Barnes a while back. We asked him what his favorite beauty product was. I was sure he was going to say the amazing hydro masks that he created. The ones I am addicted to. The ones that scored a perfect review on Megs. Instead here was his answer “OOOOOHH TOO HARD TO ANSWER! BODY BLING RULES BECAUSE OF THE INSTANT GRATIFICATION OF SMOOTH, SCULPTED SKIN. DOESN’T EVERYONE WANT TO GLOW A LITTLE? I HAVE HAD WOMEN TELL ME (AND THANK ME) THAT BODY BLING INCREASED THEIR SEX LIFE. MY REPLY IS ALWAYS “WOW” AND THEN I BLUSH!”.

Come on-I mean I love Scott Barnes but I thought he was getting a little ahead of himself telling me he had a product that will better a ladies sex life. Then I tried Body Bling.

Buy this product, it will better your sex life. He was right. Again! We found Mr. Right! Mr. Always Flipping Right!

Listen to me, it is amazing! Now that summer is upon us and arms, legs and excess skin will be exposed you really need this. This is going to become your number #1 used item for summer. One bottle of Body Bling will last you through August. Here are my tips for getting this genius product right.

1. Freshly dried from the shower squirt a dime sized amount of Body Bling into your palm.
2. Add a little more then a half dollar size of your most favorite body lotion/moisturizer
3. Rub it in well, all over any exposed skin you want to bring sexy back too.
4. Wash your hands, stick hair in turban towel. Apply face make-up, dry hair, for a quick once over apply the warm air over your newly blinged out skin.
5. Get dressed. Done and Done. You look sexy, healthy, toned, tanned and (listen do you really need more)?

Unlike old school self-tanners, you control the outcome. Darker? Add more Bling? Lighter? Dilute with moisturizer. The results are instant. Not one unnatural orange hue shade to speak of. This is the real deal. JLO bathes in this stuff. I’m thinking she’s usually all flabby and pasty white without it.

Pale ladies, do not be afraid. I am saving a fortune from not needing any spray tanning sessions. Scott Barnes is a true miracle worker. I’m going to go have sex right now! Now and like, 10 more times today! So there! Buy it!

Ladies, please post if you felt like a sex kitten with your new blinging body?

Buy it here (I know, they are out of stock right now!! I spoke to Laura Lee women are going crazy buying this miracle-they’ll have it back in two weeks-The numbers can’t lie ladies, it’s the adult cabbage patch-trust me you need this!)

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