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Goddess Granny is henceforth naming this Summer 2012 as the “Summer I sat on my hands a lot!” I gave up my artificial acrylic nails a few weeks ago and let me tell you,it’s been an eye-opening experience! I’ve worn the fakes for years on and off because my own nails simply aren’t one of my more outstanding features but after hearing “So sorry” one too many times as the hastily-applied drill was burning my nails, nipping into my tender cuticles, and having the general feeling of nastiness no matter which salon I visited,I figured it might be time to try just ONE more time to grow a set of chic, short, healthy nails on my own…no small feat! 

At first, my nails were literally jello-like: soft, uneven, and just plain unattractive.I tried to fake it with lots of filing and topical treatments, polish looked too amateur when I tried to apply on my own so kept them as light and clean and non-obvious as possible! THEN I got the bright idea (and many have great luck with the process and results!) of getting the new “gel polish” applied when I was in San Francisco and yes, they looked “better” for a couple of weeks until I had to remove the color: OMG…after soaking my hands in pure acetone and filing and buffing, my nails were yet again BURNING, swollen and red! Not thinking that pure-acetone for any length of time is my BFF? The UV light also caused me more burning and itching and I was left with hands than not only had regressed to the initial pathetic state but that also felt horrible…

I decided then and there that I would dedicate the entire Summer to the health of my hard-working nails and hands: I protect them with sunblock, treat kindly with creams, and am happy that my hands haven’t yet let me down in the war against aging but my nails needed a break from all the chemicals and drilling, the harsh formulas of some polishes and that devil acetone for sure! I resigned myself to nightly warm olive-oil soaks and gentle chamois buffing and figured it was my punishment for falling prey to the lure of nail salons for so long!

Browsing “Country Living” magazine one afternoon in hopes of a paint inspiration for my guest room, I noticed a little article about “Scotch Naturals”: in 2009, stay at home Mom, Ginny Cardenas’ two young daughters loved to “dress up” like we all do but when Ginny actually noticed the ingredients of even “play” nail polish, she was appalled at the toxins and chemicals her sweet little girls were painting on their fingers so she designed a line of nail color for KIDS names “Hopscotch Kids” and using her MBA skills, was able to develop and market this niche-product with amazing results to many high-end kid’s stores! She realized many adults were also impressed with her water-based, totally non-toxic shades and were buying them for themselves so her “Scotch Naturals” line of AMAZING natural nail colors and treatments was born! 

An eco-friendly alternative to traditional nail color, Scotch Naturals is TOTALLY with the usual “3-free” ingredients but they’re also without ethyl acetate,butyl acetate,have metals, they are gluten-free and vegan and contain no ACETONE and are TRULY non-toxic! What drew me in was the formula, which rivals the highest-end salon quality shades in 34 of the most stunning, original, outrageously-chic, and gorgeous colors I’ve even seen offered in a nail color! Everything about this nail color is elegant: the bottles are perfect, the brush is flawless, and again, the colors and formula are brilliant and make me WANT to take care of my tender nails in the best possible way by wearing only these shades! Application and removal is simple: buffing your nails with a drop of oil prior to application and taking a bit of time soak in warm water prior to removing without any irritation! 

There is a non-toxic base and top coat as well and an amazing soy-based polish remover(will not affect those with soy allergies!) with no odor and nothing in it that can hurt you or the environment in any way! I promise you will go crazy over the color selection and I intend to stick with “Scotch Naturals” for the Summer and far beyond! There are plans on the drawing board for more products as well and I am giving Ginny a huge thumb’s up/award for “New Product” in every way for really designing something that is “green and clean” but that ALSO will satisfy the most elite fashionista’s among us! Mid-range when it comes to pricing and that works for me when some designer-shades are currently in the $25.00+ range! 

Explore the clean,beautiful “Scotch Naturals” site here, it’s very interactive and shipping is fast with lovely packaging!

You’ll also find the “Hopscotch Kids” link here and I have a special for you if you’re also interested in healthier nails!: Enter the words SUMMER FUN in the gift message section when checking out to receive a FREE base coat and FREE shipping with their “Cocktail Trio” until June 30th! Shades included are: Canal Street Daisy, Lemon Highlander, Paisley Martini, Lochness Mystery, Highland Fling, and Tartan Swizzle! (Canal Street Daisy shown above) I have “Paisley Martini” on my toes and am being stopped everywhere and asked “what IS that color?” 

I am over the moon about this brand and even if I’m destined to have short nails forever,at least they will be beautifully-hued and gently cared for without doing any further damage ever thanks to the genius of Ginny and “Scotch Naturals!” 

TELL US! BE HONEST! What shape are your nails in right now?

Are you still sporting your fabulous fakes or in love with the Gels? Ever tried to “grow your own” or do you have naturally gorgeous nails that “Scotch Naturals” would make even nicer and aren’t these colors fabulous?





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