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Gigi here, with a Drugstore Deal . . .

I’m going to bare at all, at least when it comes to shaving. The longer the hair on my head, the better. Hair on my legs? For me, it’s completely unacceptable. This personality quirk made me begin shaving my legs at age eight (what a “whacked” kid, to be sure!), fumbling with my father’s dangerous double-edged razor, and then wearing woolen knee socks in the midst of summer to hide legs that looked like I had been ravaged by a wild beast. I do shave daily because silky, hair-free skin simply makes me feel good.

I was an original fan of Bic’s disposable razors, as they offered more control and much less “ouch.” From there, I experimented with virtually every razor available, from electric to other disposable versions, searching for maximum results in minimal time. There’s a reason: My hair is coarse. After spending a year in hip-to-toe casts from a very badly broken leg several years ago, I was horrified when the final cast was removed. I was not fully human but half-gorilla! My leg hair isn’t fair as my light coloring would suggest, but so black and thick that it is reminiscent of a forest (think of using a machete here for removal). I was advised by physicians not to eliminate the hair for at least a month to prevent further trauma. My husband Ron, my chief admirer who has never made one critical remark in twenty years, looked at the thicket in disbelief and gently asked me later, “A whole month? How about two weeks?” Point taken. Did I listen to the surgeons’ advice? Certainly not, and I wasn’t only influenced by my husband’s comment. The furry texture was repugnant. As soon as we arrived home, I used Ron’s beard trimmer to weed through the brush and then another to morph into a woman once more. Now consumers are overwhelmed with countless types of razors, all promising to be the consummate tool for hair removal. I wondered if an oscillating version would help but thought back to Meg’s take on “SpinLash.” I then opted for a more basic razor which is highly effective, Shick’s Quattro for Women.

It sells in drugstores for about $10.00, depending on the number of cartridge refills in the package. I find it far superior to other products, and it has become a beauty staple for me. Why? It’s a vivid pink (I like pink; I’m a “girly girl,” so bear with me, please). The handle is textured and ergonomically shaped so that it can be firmly grasped, very important as I do my flamingo-like, one-legged daily stance in the shower as I shave. I appreciate the suction-cup holder included; it adheres to the shower wall and is movable, making my ritual less time-consuming. The four ultra-thin blades remove hair easily and comfortably. It glides and flows with my body’s natural contours–no tugging or pulling on legs or the tricky area under arms. I actually don’t feel the razor, but I’m left with a marble-like surface afterward, with even the tiniest hairs gone. Goodbye to butchered gams! This razor could not be more tender. The head pivots slightly but doesn’t aggravate me as so many do–they move too much and I’ve wound up with damage from an unruly blade. Shick’s Quattro has a conditioning strip around the blades enhanced with Aloe and Vitamin E, making it even more of a pleasure. I no longer sing “Werewolves of London,” but belt out Christina Aguilera’s “I Am Beautiful” as I shave and shower.

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