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Thank goodness its Saturday. It has been a week from you-know-where. It seems like every last one of my pet-peeve nerves has been grated on. People that don’t return phone calls. Probably my WORST pet peeve. Roommates that “borrow” your things without asking and then never returning them. I could go on… Another peeve, is a certain roommates utter abuse of Perfumes! Luckily, the three she wears the most are also ones in my arsenal and some of my more favored scents…but she is perfume ignorant. She wears like three different ones in the same day! She crushes them! And so today I wanted to spread the gospel a little bit because, hey it never hurts to be enlightened. And I think when you know a few things about perfumes you’re truly able to enjoy them more – like wine!

Speaking of wine, perfumes can very successfully be compared to wines. They have top, middle, and base notes: so what you smell immediately is not the same as what you’ll smell after ten minutes is not the same was what you’ll smell after four hours. They have to breathe – just like a vintage wine. For example: Chanel Chance. Practice smelling the notes as they come out. Top notes are what you initially smell (give it a few seconds for the alcohol scent to evaporate!): Pink pepper, hyacinth, and white musk. Musk gives it body, hyacinth is the floral notes you smell, and pepper gives it that twist. After 15 minutes, the middle notes will come: Fresh Vetiver and Iris – more spice and greenery. After 30 minutes, you should be able to smell the base notes. Amber for depth and Patchouli again to give the floral body. Try it out if you own chance. Or you know, go to the mall this weekend.

Tip #2: When you put perfume on – don’t rub your wrists together! It literally crushes the perfume! You can press your wrists together…but no friction…its a waste of the spray!

Next, perfume categories! Women (and Men) generally like one category mainly and so only wear different scents from the same category. Florals, Orientals, Greens, Fresh, Woody, and Fougeres. A floral would be something flowery for example – Stella McCartney, D & G Light Blue. Orientals are a little spicer and warmer: Pink Sugar, Dior Addict. A Woody would be Versace Woman or Fendi. And a Fougere (yuck) is love or hate. You love them and wear them forever or you hate them and gag at the thought. (I am the latter). Think Clinique Aromatics Elixir (gag). Agent Provacateur (ew).

Let’s have a perfume discussion. What categories do you wear? Any good perfume stories?

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