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Hello! Vexy here, your Friday fragrance fiend, bringing you the best in sexy scents and scintillating smells!!

Summertime was always a special time for me. It’s when my dad would take me down to the Boston Public Gardens to look at the flowers, and go on the Swan Boats. (If you hadn’t deduced by now, I used to live in Boston before I was a South Florida gal.) I’m not usually picky with what “type” of scent I wear, certain floral notes hold a special place in my heart- roses, lilacs, and, most of all, gardenias.

My dad would always try to grow gardenias in the back yard, but they never seemed to work. He didn’t have the greenest of thumbs- there was a time he tried to grow daisies in the front yard and they wound up smelling like dung! So I had to settle for smelling the heavenly flowers in the Boston Commons- until, of course, I got my nice bottle of Perfect Gardenia by Sarah Horowitz.

First of all, the bottle is beautiful. I’m a sucker for beautiful simplicity and this struck a chord with me. It’s just a square bottle, almost prism-like, but it has this amazing design that seems almost Celtic in style painted on the back- and you can see it through the front when you look. The perfume itself is a pretty orange, which I like, but it didn’t exactly evoke “flowers” for me- I was almost expecting it to smell like tangerines!

Then I sprayed it. Immediately, I was transported back to the Swan Boats, lecturing my dad on what I had learned in a book that afternoon- back when times were a lot simpler. The top notes are crisp and fresh, but they fade very quickly. Then you’re left with the gorgeous middle notes made up mainly of gardenias. This is the smell I remember when I stuck my nose into the flowers in the Public Gardens. (I almost got stung by a bee doing this once. Fortunately, that’s not a risk with perfume!) The scent is smooth and light- a perfect scent for summer! The base notes add a bit of spice, meant to evoke the actual “soil” that the gardenia is planted in. Here’s what Sarah Horowitz (who is a complete doll, by the way) has to say about this scent on her website:

“Perfect Gardenia is a captivatingly nature-identical tribute to the scent of gardenias in full-bloom. Evoking the crispness of the flower’s leaves, the creaminess of its petals and the subtle smell of the earth from which it grows, it transforms one’s aura with its intoxicating beauty.”

I couldn’t agree more. Another good thing about this fragrance? It lasts a heck of a long time! I was out in the summer heat (at an outlet mall) for a good three hours today, yet a came home, got a hug from my boyfriend, and the first thing he said was “you smell pretty”. I hadn’t even realized that I was still wearing it, but I took a nose to my arm and voila! It was still there! A perfect fragrance for summer days and a trip down memory lane!

A word of warning, however- as with most florals, this perfume is very, VERY easy to overdo. A few spritzes is all you need, trust me! Otherwise you’ll be sending the people around you into sneezing fits, and it won’t be because of pollen allergies!

How about you ladies? Have you tried this wonderful, “Perfect” Perfume? Do you think it’s an everyday summer scent?

Perfect Gardenia Buy It Here!

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