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Vexy here,your Friday Fragrance fiend, bringing you the best in sexy scents and scintillating smells!

I’ll tell you up front- I’m exhausted. I’ve been running back and forth between my home and my college for the past week- a two hour drive each way- to get things straightened out for the start of classes. I’ve gotten very little sleep because there’s so much to do. Not to mention I had to sort out all the crap I’ve accumulated in my bedroom for the past five years to figure out what to take up to college with me. My nights have been spent packing, my days, arguing with the financial aid people at my college. (Why do I have to pay ninety dollars for a parking pass? Don’t these people see I need to spend that money on cosmetics?) And did I mention we had a freakout this past week about Tropical Storm Fay headed right towards my area? (I’m fine, it was minor and hit about seventy miles south of us.)

As you can probably imagine, I don’t look exactly radiant. I’m stressed, the dark circles under my eyes are horrendous, and I just look dead to the world. Not only that, but you know how when you have a lot to do, sometimes your spirit gets tuckered out as well as your body. I even had trouble motivating myself to pack the last of my boxes, even though it meant an exciting new year at college. I’ve been in desperate need of a pick-me-up.

Now, I know I’ve said it before, but scents have magical mood-changing abilities. I swear, the good perfumers put fairy dust into their bottles before shipping them off to their customers. And if there is any perfumer who puts special magic into her perfume, it’s Sarah Horowitz.

I loved the Perfect Gardenia, so when I opened the pretty packaging of Beauty Comes From Within, I wondered how she was going to top that. The bottle itself was beautiful, with an intricate tribal-knot sunburst on the back. Points for packaging there- I wanted to keep it on my dresser to just look at it, it was so pretty! But what did it smell like? A bottle of perfume is naught but a pretty decoration if it’s not wearable.

Immediately, I was taken aback by the interesting blend of topnotes. They were very sweet- lychee, according to the website- but held a fruity undercurrent, with just enough kick to get me jump-started into packing the last box of clothes. I’d almost forgotten about it until I stopped and sniffed at myself again- the middle notes and the base notes were blended together wonderfully. Vanilla is a scent that goes well with many things, and Sarah has certainly taken advantage of that by combining it with two of my favorite florals: gardenia and stargazer lily. I loved it! To be honest, this scent has gotten me through the past few days. Every time I feel down, I just put my nose to my skin and sniff, and it gives me that extra push to get through.

Here’s what Sarah Horowitz says about Beauty Comes From Within:

“Beauty Comes From Within™ is a voluptuous and inviting fragrance designed to evoke the powerful, life-giving beauty that exists within us all. Top notes of sweet lychee, pineapple leaf and tangerine suggest both the vitality of springtime and nurturing, abundant female energy. Bold, regal middle notes of creamy gardenia and alluring stargazer lily inspire recognition, and are ignited by a tender yet captivating accent of white rose that electrifies the aura like a first kiss. The fragrance’s base note accord of succulent vanilla flower, meditative sandalwood and warm tonka bean compellingly conveys both the serene and smoldering facets of a woman’s nature.”

I’m not sure about a woman’s nature, but it sure helped mine, and I see myself reaching for this scent very, very often in the future- if I can keep it hidden well enough from the other fan in the house: my mom!

What about you ladies? Have any of you experienced the gorgeousness that is Beauty Come From Within?


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