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eco-friendlyBath: the original “sense” of the word in many origins appears to come from the phrase “to warm or a place of warmth” Goddess Granny really likes this thought and will add that to me personally,a bath is my therapy, my excuse to indulge, (okay, one of them!) A way to heal,  nourish, or sooth my body and soul depending on what I add to the water! I have a large 3-tiered shelf of potions, lotions, concoctions, and scents ranging from a humble bag of detoxifying Epsom salts for aches and pains to a few products I only use here and there because they are SUCH an indulgence! Etsy satisfies my hand-crafted product needs and if it floats or dissolves, lathers or bubbles you can bet I will love it! My husband actually added an addition to our home just so I could have the bathtub of my dreams! He knows I am a sweeter, saner, person after a bath. I guess he figured it’d be a small price to pay, HA!

Sea salts are a gift from nature and found in many forms and places:the minerals are perfect for soothing and healing the skin and also for replenishing much needed nutrients and yes,minerals! They are many kinds and ways to use and the really cool folks at the “San Francisco Bath Salt Company” have pretty much zeroed in on and make available the bath salts of my and maybe your dreams! Since 1999, this delightful company has focused on the powers of salts to relieve stress, renew the skin, sooth achy muscles and in general have become the best at the biz of bath salts anywhere to be found! Their 24 “flavors” of Artisan bath salts are sold in San Francisco and online and you and literally can buy anything from a small amount to enough to start your own line of products as they also sell in bulk and have several types of salts to choose from. The company supplies many top spas with their products as well as producing their own and “private label” lines of soothing goodness for the tub!

I was TOTALLY blown away when I opened my San Francisco Bath Salts scented with “Acai Berry Infusion”: the bamboo tub itself is literally “art for your bathroom.” The picture simply doesn’t do it justice: it’s smooth and silky in feeling and heft, has THE cutest little wooden scoop attached. It is refillable as well as being environmentally sustainable in it’s presentation! Bamboo is great in protecting the beautiful salts within without any moisture retention which might cause swelling of the product…It looks SO nice near the tub and believe me, looks a LOT more elegant and special than the price would have one believe because it looks so VERY expensive and chic, very Euro-spa and luxurious!  Charming “belly band” with an adorable mermaid-motif announces the scent of the contents and there are quite a few to choose from…the site is REALLY delightful to browse and I learned a lot about bath salts because that IS what they focus on-in every imaginable form!

My “Bamboo Jar with Signature Salts” contained 22 oz. of citrusy-sweet Acai-Berry scented crystals and I was just DYING to dump some into hot water and have a good soak: only a few handfuls are enough to release the luscious scent which really lingers and the water felt so soft, silky, and soothing! I loved the luxury of it all! The scent revived me and made me happy, my skin felt clean, soft, and rejuvenated when I FINALLY got out. These guys have sure got it dialed in when it comes to the art and soul of bathing with their salts. You couldn’t possibly find another brand that would offer as much for as little!

This GORGEOUS bamboo container filled with luscious salts comes lovingly boxed and labeled and you simply cannot beat the price PLUS all of the bamboo-containers are currently on sale as well! I want the San Francisco Bath Salt Co. to send that truck of theirs to Texas and literally deliver me enough sweet-salty goodness for a lifetime because I won’t ever be able to go back to “wanna’ be” or artificially scented bath salts again! There is a huge difference in the quality and naturally charming scents they use. Your skin will thank you for the experience. This is without a doubt, one of THE most perfect gifts for anyone and everyone on your list and you can choose from muscle soaking, cold and flu relieving, lavender relaxing, green-tea infused skin treating, and SO many more wonderful choices!

Just perfect by means!

Believe it or not,they keep their shipping rates VERY low which is a huge incentive for me to buy these days and you can check out all of their delicious and quite well-known salty-treasures here!

I absolutely LOVE this product and fully intend to keep my self stocked with San Francisco Bath Salts from now on! Do you too believe in the powers of a long, hot soak in the tub? One of my true pleasures and by the way- I’m having to HIDE this container from my husband, he thinks these salts are exceptional too!

Buy it here!

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