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sanfranciscobathsaltAs if you needed any more reason to check out The San Francisco Bath Salt Company after Goddess Granny’s amazing review-Sweetassgal chimes in with her praise! Everyone is loving their bath time during these stressful holidays

Okay family of Meg’s…Sweetassgal’s going to make this a very simple review.  Buy this product!  The San Francisco Bath Salt Company’s Re-usable Eco Friendly Bamboo Jar and Bath Salts is by far the most intriguing and all out fabulously fun thing I’ve received ALL year!
There is not ONE thing I don’t love about this product.  The minute you see the incredible packaging you know you are in for the treat of a lifetime.  The bamboo jar is gorgeous!  The finish is so soft and smooth…it feels like expensive teak furniture and I can’t stop touching it.  I had to laugh when my sister compared it to one of those old fashioned wood hot tubs.  So cute but not to be outdone by the little bamboo scoop attached to it for dispensing the salts.  It’s adorable!  The container is sealed by a silver toned canister style clasp that really keeps the contents air tight.  Upon opening you immediately see the generous 22 ounce size of bath salts glistening up at you.  And these aren’t your typical bath salts…all coarse and uneven.  These are beautiful crystal like cuts of bath salts that glitter and gleam and smell like eucalyptus and peppermint!
Into the bath they go and the scent just fills the entire bathroom.  I love this choice in salts for the holiday season.  The peppermint is festive and the eucalyptus really opens your nasal passages allowing the aroma therapeutic properties to tickle your senses.  You know something is great when you continuously breathe in deeper and deeper just trying to fill your lungs with the sensation…even to the point where you know you just might pass out if you don’t stop! But you can’t…because it’s incredible.  Sinking into the tub I was continuously rubbing the softened water all over me luxuriating in the richness of the experience.  My skin is so soft and I smell so fresh that I want to go roll in my sheets so the scent can stay in my nose all night long!
Their website has wonderful descriptions for the tub, it’s materials and the myriad of uses and right now they are on sale and guaranteed to be delivered if ordered by the 20th.  At $21.95 for a beautiful, reusable tub and salt scent of your choice this is absolutely the BEST thing you can buy for yourself and for that hard to buy person who has everything.  It’s so well made, such high quality and is the kind of gift that looks WAY more expensive than it really is!  
Why a Bamboo Jar?
*Environmentally friendly, sustainable and “Green”!
*Save money by buying salts in bulk & refilling
*Refillable-use it again and again by refilling with your favorite salts!
*High quality, long lasting and durable
*Perfect size – holds approx. 22 oz of salt
*Keeps bath salts smelling fresh
*Beautiful with a modern look & feel
*Goes with any decor
*Doesn’t swell or shrink

 Why is Bamboo so Eco-Friendly?
*It’s a type of grass & produces 35% more oxygen than trees!
*Grows rapidly & can be harvested within 3-5 years
*Can grow up to 8 feet in a single day!
*Can be continuously harvested from the same plant again and again!
*Flourishes without fertilizers or pesticides
*Requires little water to grow
*Strong & long lasting – stronger than oak

What can I put in the Bamboo Jar?
-Bath Salts & Shower Salts
-Foot Soaks
-Salt & Sugar Scrubs
-These jars are suitable for storing Gourmet Food Salts too!
I am in love with my tub of salts and I can’t wait to try more scents.  I don’t think I could ever get through all of their options available.  Signature, natural and custom blends are just the tip of the iceberg and I’ll have to figure out which of them I’ll try first to buy my sister her very own tub.  She’s already called dibs on my tub when I’m done with the salts but that was before I knew it was refillable!  Looks like she’s going to need one of her own.  This will be my go to gift for a while and I know you would love it as well.  It’s holiday shopping crunch time and this is the answer to your shopping woe’s!  Shop on and GLAM ON! 

What is your bath time indulgence?

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