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saltwater“It’s like a whole other country” You frequently hear this quote along with “Don’t mess with Texas” connected to this very original state that Goddess Granny currently resides in and in many ways, it’s true: we’re just a bit bigger and bolder, a tad more colorful and original, and there’s a “go for it!” attitude that’s both refreshing and concerning at times! I never know WHAT my native-Texan of a husband will be up to when I look out the window as it could involve chainsaws, big trucks, and/or large amounts of beer at any time of the day or night…welcome to Texas!

There are also many totally amazing and fabulous people here who go for it and create some of THE most incredible products and run some great business ventures like our friends “Farmhouse Fresh” out of Dallas and I’m thrilled to introduce you to another Texas-based business that’s kickin’ butt and takin’ names, the “Saltwater Cowgirl” Several have asked me about the spectacular necklaces that Meg and I wore at the Dallas Meg’s Makeup event in the previous photo that Meg posted and our girl “Lexy” aka the Saltwater Cowgirl is the owner and designer of some of the most wearable and sure to get you stopped jewelry I’ve seen in years! Seriously: these exceptional quality and expertly-crafted pieces stop traffic and make me late for a date every time I wear them and I’m starting to feel naked without a bit of Lexy’s Texas BLING on my body every waking hour of the day!

I just don’t believe that a 5ct princess-cut sparkler has anything on these remarkable combinations of Swarovski crystals, stonesand beads. Everyone HAS those already-right? The color combos are endless, the designs are fun without being over the top and there is absolutely something for everyone! I will rant again about the quality because it’s honestly nicer than any other “costume” bling out there I’ve found and wait until you see the clasps and closures, you get 360 degrees of gorgeous and when something is perfect all the way around, I think it’s great!

Just when you thought your credit card might be safe: check out the FLIP FLOPS covered in Swarovski crystals and hand-crafted in Texas from the most beautiful quality leathers and soles I’ve ever,ever seen! These are NOT your average-dawg flops,more like shoes you’d find in the designer department and I am LUSTING for a pair and just as soon as I can decide which ones to choose, they will be mine all mine! You can even work with Lexy to create a one of a kind pair that will rock and roll everyone’s world as you sashay by! I think these flops and one of Saltwater Cowgirl’s accessories would transform even the most basic of cheap white T’s and jeans to high-end style and I’m personally counting on it!

Just when I was starting to OD and run out of steam and money on the site,Lexy came to rescue of Meg-heads everywhere and gave us a fabulous 20% off code so that we can all fee free to indulge!

The Salwater Cowgirl is wholesale only EXCEPT for the website and these stellar designs can be found in some of THE best boutiques in the country so I feel very fortunate to have connected with Miz Lexy and have her in our Meg-head circle of beauty and bling! When I was chatting with her on the phone, I told her her goodies were like “makeup you wear” because they call SO much attention to your face that you’d best have your glam- game on! She is funny and gracious and I’ll thrilled to know her and believe you’ll be excited too!

Browse the beauteous bling from the Saltwater Cowgirl here!

And be sure to use our special code:  HOTREDSPURS  for that 20% discount! Sparkle on my pretties!

Do you love statement accessories like we do?

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