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Stacy B here! I’m freaking cold. It’s 10 degrees with a wind chill of 1 right now as I write this. One. ONE degree. We are dangerously close to negatives. And I mean dangerous literally, if you are outside for too long, you can damage exposed skin! No make up can cover up frostbite so get inside!!

I normally don’t complain much about the cold, I live in New England and choose to stay here. I accept the winter cold, I love the snow and I enjoy the changing seasons. But, every year, we get a 1-2 week stretch of bitter cold that really tests my decision to live here. My husband is from LA so we do have an out if we were desperate, but so far, he’s happy here, too. In fact, he just left to go out in downtown Boston to meet up with a friend who’s in town for work and happily put on his warmest coat and gloves knowing the wind chill is even worse with all the steel buildings creating wind tunnels.

This kind of weather really does a number on your hair, nails, skin and overall demeanor. Especially after the holidays, there’s such a letdown. After I took off my holiday red nail polish my nails were so awful. They kept breaking and chipping and splitting, it was gross. The extremely dry air didn’t help, along with making my skin crack and my hair static-y. The skin I fixed with some heavy winter lotion, the hair I run a dryer sheet over before I head out and that keeps it fairly tame. But the nails, I had no quick fixes.

I was so fed up I said, “that’s it, I’m cutting them all down to the skin!” and looked down and realized half of them were there already. I didn’t even have to cut them. I just filed them so they were smooth, even, and unbelievably short. Like, can’t even scratch an itch, peel off a label or tap out a fun little tune on my desk, short.

I knew a fix would take a week or so, so I went with a trusty Sally Hanson polish that my husband put in my stocking for Christmas. He chose Sally Hanson’s Green Tea and Bamboo Strengthener. He definitely had no idea what it was, just told me “you drink green tea a lot and say it’s good for you and the box said green tea so it must be good for you, too”. Smart guy.

It’s supposed to be a top or base coat, but I’ve been wearing it as just a clear polish for a few days. I’ve put on a coat every third day or so and it’s really working. I finally have a little bit of a nail and they aren’t breaking or catching on things at all. Before, I felt like as soon as they grew a bit, I’d bump something and the whole nail would explode. They were so weak!

My nails are doing much better right now, they are growing evenly, strong and fairly quickly for the dead of winter. I’m not embarrassed to show my fingers and have been able to peel stickers for my son’s sticker book without swearing. I mean without saying ‘whoops’. I don’t swear around the 4 year old, he’ll repeat it. Forever…

This is a classic drug store buy, cheap, easy to find,it works and you can probably find a coupon. I have always loved Sally Hanson nail care products and this did not disappoint!

Who else is a Sally Hansen lover?






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