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sallyhansencolorquick“Meg, I tried that Sally Hansen Color Quick Fade Pen thing that you left here and it is fast and easy.”

So it wasn’t just me that was impressed. When I was in New York I was helping my girlfriend relocate to Philadelphia, Rittenhouse Square to be exact and it is lovely there by the way. Anyhow, it was hot and gross and we had the city grime on us as we carried boxes up and down stairs and loaded up the car over and over.

This went on for a couple of days, I was in the city though and once it was the end of the day I wanted to hit the scene a bit. After a shower, I was able to pull the rest of me together fairly well, until I looked at my nails.

I didn’t have time to do a full on manicure and even if I had the time there weren’t many manicure salons open at 10pm. My friend said to meet him at the Jame’s hotel, at a bar named Jimmy’s. I googled it and saw that Jimmy’s was a swank spot, not the type of place that you want to be seen with raggedy nails.

I said a “great” under my breath and walked a few blocks to the drugstore. I just needed remover and a quick job, something that would just be acceptable.
I noticed the Sally Hansen Nail Polish Pens and grabbed “sheer beige.” The fact it said “Fast” and looked easy enough to apply was exactly what I was needing. Plus when you’re traveling the last thing you want is a glass bottle of anything. I grabbed the “sheer beige” color because it seemed to blend the most with my natural skin tone, you should always go with a light color if you don’t want to attract attention to your nails. They were looking rough. I’d go with a low-cut top. If I went with a low cut top than I wouldn’t have to worry too much on his eyes staring at my hands! I know! I am a genius sometimes! Kiss

The pen is easy to use. The color selection is great. Just click, click and the color fills the brush. Lasting power? It lasted for a couple days, nothing outstanding. How did it look? It looked pretty good. It didn’t look as good as when I have my nails did but nothing does really. Here is my recommendation, this is a great in a pinch product. You can leave it in your bags cosmetic case because it really makes touch-ups or a quick job very simple with nice results. I also was very impressed with how quickly it dried. I had decent looking hands in about 10 minutes.

My hands looked so good I didn’t even have to bring out the boobs! Instead I decided to show a little leg. I mean they looked good. They weren’t perfect…

Have any of you tried these Sally Hansen pens? What is your go-to nail brand?

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