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rosiejaneleilalouMeg here! I love meeting the creators of fabulous lines. Meeting Rosie from Rosie Jane Cosmetics was no exception. Usually, before I meet someone for the first time I use “the google” to see what they look like. Rosie and I were meeting for a morning coffee and I was in a mad dash to be on time. I called Rosie’s publicist to ask what she looked like. Her lovely publicist said “She’s your age, she has red hair. I’ll email you a link with her pic.” As luck would have it, it must have been “redhead day” at Urth Cafe. I swear, every woman in there was a shade of ginger, my phone was starting to die and I was table hopping “Rosie?!”

Soon after, I spotted an adorable redhead carrying a “Leila Lou” bag. Something told me I had found my lady! I know, I’m a regular Columbo.

The only other Rosie Jane product I was familiar with was her amazing cheek tints, we reviewed them here quite a while back. That was her lines staple, Rosie has a background as a top Hollywood makeup artist, and that little cheek tint was being scooped up left and right. “I didn’t want to make any other products I wasn’t passionate about, it took a little bit but I got together with my girlfriend who is a fragrance expert and we got to work.” Rosie continued “We came up with the Leila Lou fragrance and I just started wearing it personally. I was always being asked what scent I had on. From my makeup clients to waiter’s at restaurants, everyone wanted to know where they could get what I had on.”

Rosie knew she (literally) had a winner on her hands. “The first fragrance launch from Rosie Jane Cosmetics, this perfume oil is dripping with innocence and freshness. Truly irresistible, Leila Lou is made with 100% essential oils.

With top notes of nectarine & fresh cut grass, heart notes of pear blossom & jasmine and base notes of vanilla and cotton musk this scent will embrace and seduce you as an original and refreshing signature scent.”

I completely enjoyed my time with Rosie, she’s interesting, has fabulous style and a wonderful laugh. I knew that even if her creation was only a hint of her personality, I was going to love it. I couldn’t wait to try it!

Here’s the issue, my darn sinuses have been a hot mess lately and my sense of smell is GONE. Yup, so this experiment actually worked out better then I thought. It’s great when other people tell you how amazing you smell. I got 3 compliments when I was wearing the roll-on oil matched with the body lotion. I love that the roll-on oil is small and compact and when I go visit my boyfriend in NYC I don’t have to travel with a full, glass perfume bottle.

I had a dinner party, I’m having another one tonight. All I have been doing lately are dinner parties, anyhow, the Leila Lou candle is lit and set in the powder room because it has a great, clean fresh (a little soap kick, I’ve been told) scent to it.  Both my roommates and my guests have commented how good the loo smells! It is the perfect, clean fresh scent.

If you’re looking for a great fragrance, I’d encourage you to check out Leila Lou.

Don’t trust me, I have no sniffer. Trust the people raving about how great I smell!

What fragrance have you put on Santa’s list?

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