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bufferStacy B here! Back from the sun, sea and sand and doing everything humanly possible to keep my skin from peeling. Bonus hint: my Kahina Giving Beauty Argon Oil is putting up one helluva fight…and so far is winning! Try it next time you’re out in the sun too long!
I am going to take a week’s break from my Leirac series for a star product I am totally obsessed with. Revlon’s Crazy Shine Nail Buffer.
I went to Florida for 5 days last week to take my Bentley University cheerleading squad down to the NCA Collegiate National Cheerleading Championships so not only was I in the sun a lot, but it was a stressful trip, too! Keeping track of 25 college kids, competing over three days, making sure no one got in trouble and completing various coaching obligations is not exactly a relaxing vacation. I had so much to worry about like medical release forms, registration, flight times, shuttles to and from the airport, fundraising money for team dinners that I barely was able to pack for myself. One thing that fell of my to-do list was the mani-pedi before the trip. I had a pedicure recently so a quick self polish change was OK, but my nails were bare and very un-vacation.
Good thing I thought to put that nail buffer in my bag because it took dull, unpolished, ridged nails to shiny, smooth and ready to celebrate nails in about 5 minutes. My nails were an after thought until the actual competition was over after three days, but that night it was time to celebrate our 7th place overall finish with a club night! (18-plus of course, we had to include our underclassmen!)
This tear-shaped, double-sided tool takes care of two big issues I have, slight ridges and lack of shine. I love a clear coat of polish on my nails to up the shine factor but didn’t want to pack a polish bottle (no broken glass in my bag, please!) and didn’t have much time to really get ready in my hotel room.
First, I buffed each nail with the buffing side which was smooth enough that it didn’t damage or rip the top of my nails, or thin them out too much but rough enough to get rid of some of the bumps and ridges I have. I did all 10 nails first and then washed off the nail dust.
Then, I flipped it over to the “crazy shine’ side which feels so smooth that there’s no way it can work and looks like a later of vinyl. But, I shined away. About 15 second per nail and I was GLEAMING! Crazy Shine…not an exaggeration. My nails looked like I had a professional manicure with a clear nail polish that must have been made of diamonds. I could practically see my reflection in my nails. It was the quickest nail fix I have ever had. So much faster than a clear coat since there’s no drying time and it doesn’t chip! After a few days, the shine was a little duller, so I just shined them up again. I didn’t even need to re-buff, just shined them and I was good to go.
The tear drop shape is really easy to grip with right hand or left.  The round part gets the middle part of the nail and the pointy tip is perfect for the corners and edges of your nails.
This is a huge winner in my book. It’s under $3 at most places and pays for itself in about 2 fingers. It’s a perfect travel nail tool and in a pinch, you have manicure quality nails in less than 5 minutes. Get this. Seriously. Everyone needs this whether in your travel bag, in your purse for on-the-go touch ups, or right in your bedside table for twice weekly buffings.  You will love this!!

Anyone else have any quick fix tips, or travel items that work on the go?

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