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Sweetassgal here to bring you the best natural and organic products our Mother Earth has to offer us by the way of Green Chi Tuesdays!

Sometimes in life there are things that a girl simply must do. That insanely expensive pair of Holy Grail Jimmy Choo strappy sandals, an entire day of beauty at an uber-chic and exquisite spa, or the quintessential meal at the hottest exclusive celebrity eatery. Each of these deliciously indulgent treats evokes a sense of such overwhelmingly giddy satisfaction that one is forced to forget the staggering price tag associated with the luxury…or at least that’s what I’ve been told. Sadly, I have not yet had the pleasure to partake in ANY of these coveted acts but I have fantasized over them endlessly. And typically when I’m in one of these pseudo-retail therapy hazes, I’m languishing in the tub!

Since I can’t afford a Carrie Bradshaw lifestyle, I’m forced to find alternative forms of self-indulgence that feel as good as that day at La Prairie. To me, the essence of a spa day comes down to one thing…skin. It’s Swedish massaged, hot stone pampered, kelp and seaweed moisturized and diamond/pearl crystal exfoliated. To achieve this level of Zen skin perfection at home you’ve got to invest in quality product. So a few times a month I try to create my own little spa in the comfort of my bath by pouring a glass of wine, lighting the good candles and breaking out my tub of Red Flower Japan Ohana Gingergrass Bamboo Scrub. It’s pricey…super pricey…but if it gives me the same sublime sense of teetering around in designer shoes at the fraction of the actual cost…I’ll take the scrub and my flawless elbows please!

First off this product satisfies my requirement for natural based products. Its a wonderful blend of crushed bamboo, ginger, bergamot, blue tansy, sea algae, lime, botanicals and essential oil. All things combined to stimulate, exfoliate and firm. I love the subtle, natural smell. It’s fragrant and energizing without being overwhelming or perfumey. The consistency is perfect, its neither too thin, too waxy, or too rough. Typically, I have been a fan of sea salt scrubs but find these tend to melt away quickly as I polish my skin. I’m in a constant loop of dipping back into the jar to get an all over body polish and go through the tubs quickly (at $25 a jar…it can get expensive fast). However, with the Red Flower scrub the bamboo does not melt or disappear and one or two scoops gives me all the product I need to get a good foam built up and exfoliate to my hearts content. At $62 a jar…this lasts for months and really is an overall better deal. Like I said…this is my treat…its my bit of luxury in the bathtub that makes me feel like I’ve just gone out and splurged on that ever illusive and perfectly tailored winter white Gucci suit (aaahhhh….one day I will find you and you WILL be mine!).

Stimulate, Exfoliate and Firm

“Stimulate the blood flow and exfoliate the body to a healthy, smooth glow. Combining the gentle exfoliation benefits of crushed bamboo with the intensely stimulating effects of ginger and bergamot, this is the simplest way to smooth and contour the body. This gentle purifying preparation is enhanced with blue tansy to calm and soothe. Fir oil to revive and tone, sea algae to leave skin silky and silt from the deepest mineral rich earth to encourage cell renewal, promote circulation and further polish the skin. Ginger and lime help contour by stimulating blood flow and warming the skin. Feel the effects of the intense uplifting essences as the whole body is revived.
A ritual based body treatment founded on the principle of stimulating blood flow through the body by blending layers of exceptional ingredients and pure scents deeply into the skin. Inspired by the sensual and thorough are of caring for the body developed and created in Japan. Created to release the flow of vital energy in the body.”

One hundred percent botanically based and essential oil derived. Flowers hold life. Entirely free of drying agents, dyes and harsh preservatives.

GLAM ON megsmakeup gals! Any other devotees o the bath!!! Teach me your ritual!

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