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Goddess Granny as promised just bursting to share more with you and hoping you too will be excited to possibly step outside your comfort zone and  DANCE! I’m going to give you some incredible options I can personally vouch for and I double dog dare you to try and tell me you can’t 🙂

You heard how it all started and now I’ll cut to the chase and give you the BEST in inspiration,instruction,and insight that it’s taken me 3 years,several long-distance trips,and more than a few sweat-filled hours to figure out…lots of options out there but there IS huge a difference when it comes to content and safety and you deserve the best of both!
I need to tell you how honored I am by the responses and messages I’ve received: Meg encouraged me to write about my “hobby” and honestly,I wouldn’t have been so eager to show this “side” of myself without her support and absolute confidence that we’re all in this together!
“Not strong enough, tiny living space, self-conscious, shy, too old or have physical liabilities, questionable responses from mate or others…”

I hear you on all counts! When I started, I was 51 years old, 25 lbs. heavier, had asthma and a bad knee, hadn’t worked out seriously in 3 years, had no one to “play with” in a studio setting, hid under cardigans at all times,and wasn’t about to chat about what I was doing over coffee with my family and friends. Honestly the only “fan” I had that thought I could have fun and get in better shape by dipping my toes into the world of exotic movement/poledancing was my husband and he not only understood my “needs” to start feeling good about myself again but also respected that it wasn’t going to be “about him” as I began my trip to the sensual side Kiss
This is a very personal choice: I know women who are super-skilled that have never danced for an audience and others who cannot wait to show someone after their first hip- swivel! What I can guarantee is that when you start, you will feel ridiculous unless you have a background in movement and feel comfortable in “your own skin.” I can also assure you that little by little you will change: your will stand, walk, move, think,and feel more feminine, more confident, and a helluva’ lot finer in every way! I remember bending over in Walmart to pick up a “Spiderman” thingy for a grandkid and as I stood up,I shifted my weight, flipped my hair, and stood up like…well…like a showgirl who knew her stuff! I was on ” sensual-autopilot” at that moment and realized that I did indeed have NOTHING to hide regardless of my age or physical condition! Whatever had been “dead or dormant” inside was coming out into the sunshine again! I found myself bouncing to the radio in traffic with a knowing smile…walking with an exaggerated- strut in the grocery…becoming stronger by practice, leaner by effort, and more profoundly female as a result. I became a “made woman” who finally realizes her power and owns it completely!

I will never be comfortable flaunting but rest assured, I no longer wear cardys Wink) You can choose to start with tiny movements or to grab a handful of pole for all it’s worth but you WILL shed your skin and emerge renewed and revived like never before.
You just need to just kick the excuses to the curb and dive in: here are my suggestions for “how/where to start” and I hope you’ll spend a bit of time browsing and considering: for me,this has been life-changing in many ways and even if you just have fun with your buddies on a Saturday night, you will enjoy the process! You do NOT need a large space or even a pole to get started:only some music that gets you “in the mood”, some soft lighting that is “kind”, (battery candles are great as are inexpensive paper-lamps) and something to wear (or not!) that you can move in and that makes you feel good! Mirrors are optional at first, you want to “feel” and not “see the flaws and judge” as we are all prone to do but as you progress you might benefit from a reflection to help improve and admire!

I have personally taken classes, workshops, private lessons, and advanced training from the 3 following sources and feel FREE to ask any questions you may have,I promise to try and smooth your way!
If you are fortunate to live in LA, (as well as other locations in CA) NY, Houston, or Chicago, you can check out what was my initial intro into in this fitness and art form: S Factor offers classes in lush studio-settings that are totally sensual and sororial: it’s a “girl’s only” club like no other and you’ll be amazed at how many and how varied the women are who flock to learn from my friend and noted actress, Sheila Kelley and her devoted staff! You can also order her book and instructional DVD’s which are excellent for helping you understand what it’s “all about” to start with and for those with NO training or exposure to movement. You do NOT need a pole but if you’d like one,they sell have those too! :
 S Factor   (if you click on: to “Listen to us”/ then “Be amazed by the journey” about 1/2 way through, I’m chatting there too! 😉
For THE best in actual “online classes”  YES! You CAN take actual instruction in movement and polework in all forms and levels online, my beautiful friend Lira aka “Yannori” is absolutely amazing! She takes this stuff to a whole other level personally. I have NO illusions that I will EVER be able to move as she does (and that’s okay!) but her passion, grace, and ability to teach is contagious and she brings the devil to his knees when she dances! She authors a popular blog on the subject and shares her divine-talents via video on her sites and on YouTube. She’s also one of the smartest, loveliest, women I know and has a wonderful and personal way of bringing out the BEST in all of us no matter what we’re capable of:
Okay…I’m positively giddy over this: my friend Shawn Frances Lee is the “gold standard” when it comes to actual experience in authentic “exotic” movement, advanced aerial-arts and saftey-oriented/professional training. She has trained some of the “greats” including Lira above and until recently, it has been VERY difficult to connect with her for instruction.She is classically trained and honestly, a force of nature and so gorgeous to watch!
She has just finished producing what I believe to be a “ground breaking” DVD which is now available for pre-order and will ship in 4-6 weeks.TRUST me, EVERY WOMAN OUT THERE can and should do themselves the favor of learning what she offers on this! It’s called “Slink, Slide, and Melt” and I was so fortunate to train with her in this exciting and FUN movement last year. It will absolutely change what you may “believe” you can do and it has NOTHING to do with a pole Kiss 😉 Watch her intro and tell me you don’t “want to be her!” No one else “does” what Shawn can teach!

Excellent, quality,sources for removable poles in all forms should you choose to totally indulge!

I could go on for hours but will end with this: something else really wonderful happens when you begin to firmly accept and embrace your own feminine-sensuality and inherent power: you are kinder and more complimentary towards other women, cheer harder for them, cry honestly with them, and accept them MUCH differently and with less jealousy or judgement secure in the realization that they too have their flaws and insecurities but that in a darkened room with sexy music playing, every one of us is BEAUTIFUL when we relax, enjoy, express and DANCE as only a woman can!!!
Please keep us posted and share if you too chose to DANCE!

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