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Hey there, my lovely ladies! Vexy here, your Friday fragrance fiend, bringing you the best in scintillating scents and sexy smells- and today, a way to save. 

I was unfortunate enough to have to move out of my dorm alone, with no help. My parents were out of town and the dear boyfriend couldn’t get off of work (he showed up later, though,  to save the day with a vacuum!). This meant packing, hauling, and cleaning an entire dorm room and a dorm kitchen in the span of six hours. It was a miserable day to say the least- things went wrong all over. First, the box I was putting my clothes in broke, so I had to run and get a new one from WalMart. Then, I went to get my cart (which had an hour waiting list!), got the thing up to the second floor, packed everything on it, then return to find that the elevator has broken. (And, of course, as soon as I hauled everything down two flights of stairs, the elevator repairman steps out on the first floor and says ‘Oh, the elevator’s fixed now.’ Grrr!) 

Now, I had brought my new train case with me. It’s a pretty big case- I’m not sure of the exact dimensions, but it’s a good size. I was thinking it would fit all my cosmetics and fragrances just fine, since I couldn’t possibly have that many things laying around, now could I? I’m young and poor! Why would I have more cosmetics than could fit in a big ol’ train case?

Oh, how wrong I was. The train case was filled before I was even half through my stash of stuff. 

Two overstuffed grocery bags later, I managed to have everything packed away, and I came to a revelation: This is where all my money was going! All that cash I’d been wondering about, saying ‘where did it disappear to?’- this was where it had all gone! Into my all-too-ridiculous stash of cosmetics and fragrances, almost all of which was bought! I mean, who needs three bottles of Pink Sugar, or two eyeshadows that are virtually the same color? Half the things, I had no idea why I had gotten at all, and here I am trying to scrape together enough to pay for my laptop. 

I was browsing a few websites and youtube videos, searching for a solution to my unfortunate spending problem, but they were mostly strict ‘no-buy’ plans. I know myself a little too well- I could never get away with a no-buy plan. I need to have some sort of reward beyond saving money, otherwise it would be “oh, I’ll start after I buy this thing or that thing!” 

Then I stumbled across a youtuber named lollipop26, who came up with a brilliant idea:

Project 10 Pan.

It’s quite simple. You don’t buy anything until you have used up ten things in your stash. Genius! It’s a reward system that saves me money and encourages me not to waste the things I have!  Now, the problem becomes limited-edition things. The summer collections are so pretty- all blues and bronzes. Then a wise, wise man (the one I’m dating) told me:

“There will always be good things. Think about it. You’ll be drooling over the fall stuff, too, and it’s all going to be limited edition. You blabber on about zillions of collections! It’s okay to wait a while.” 

And you know what? He’s right. There will always be that pretty limited-edition blush that I don’t really need, or a fragrance in a pretty new bottle. 

Speaking of which- I’ve extended this to fragrance, too!  I have seventeen bottles of perfume, which is hundreds of dollars worth, so I’ve decided that samples are my new staples. Think about it: I already have fragrances I love that cover pretty much any mood I’m in. Those tiny little sample fragrance vials alone, when rotated with the full-sized bottles I wear all the time, last me months. So why do I have to spend sixty dollars on that new Pucci perfume that I’m probably only going to wear in the summer anyway when I can just go to Sephora and get a nice ol’ sample vial? 

Now, since using up ten bottles of perfume is a little ridiculous, I’ve tailored the plan to fit my needs. It’s a three-bottle, ten-pan plan to me. Three bottles of perfume to use up, and I can buy something new. I’ve gone without spending anything on cosmetics (aside from things like sponges) for three weeks now and I’m loving it! 

How about you ladies? Any of you have some frugal spending tips for the tough times? Tell me about it!

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