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The sexy and smooth Trish from Principessa sent Megs Makeup out some of their Dolce Dreams Whipped Body Lotion to test. Let Meg pass on a sexy secret. Want a man to miss you more then normal? Smell divine. Not overpowering but linger just enough on his sheets and pillow after you’ve left. Men are so tuned in by their sense of smell that just a linger of your scent will draw their thoughts and desires back to you. Don’t believe me? Hear the experts..“When we’re saying ‘love at first sight’ it should be ‘love at first sniff,'” said Dr. Alan Hirsch, author of Scentsational Sex. The part of the brain responsible for processing odors “is directly connected to the limbic or emotional brain,” he said, so our noses are hardwired to our libidos.

If that’s not an endorsement for the single girl to smell heavenly I don’t know what one is. More then that, when you smell lovely you feel lovely and sexy and so hot. If your skin feels as smooth as cashmere the only natural reaction is to want to spread the warmth! The entire process takes less then 5 minutes. Women have to get out of their rut and do it! Not only will your legs, shoulders and arms feel smooth but you’ll be made to feel like the yummy dessert you are!

Principessa is a big time celebrity favorite. Those ladies with the excess dollah’s know how to treat their body! The good news is this splurge lasts a long while and is like Viagra in a tube!

Here’s what Principessa says about their dolce dreams “Pamper your skin with this deliciously-scented whipped cream that softens and smoothes. Lavish all over your birthday suit and be prepared to glow like the goddess you are.

Ladies please post if you tried Principessa to make your skin glow and if it made you want to share the light!

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