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pinkcheeksHi! My name is Meg and I get shot up with botox every 3 months. I do acid derma-peels. I inflate my top lip twice yearly. I have broken 7 bones in my body. I have “gone under” for surgery 4 times. I opted for the most painful under the muscle breast implant. My bestfriend’s are juvaderm, restalyne, radiesse, dysport and collagen. I laugh in the face of cosmetic surgery. I am a cosmetic dermatologist’s Ninja. I have never met a facial syringe I haven’t loved.

I’ve never had a bikini wax. I was afraid.

Side note. I really need my 85-year-old Gram to log off now. She’s hysterical, she’ll send me guilt ridden emails about my posts “How could you use the word shitty?” I never asked her to read So Gram, I’m warning you, you’re not going to like this content.

I was terrified to get a bikini wax. I was scared shitless. This would have been an OK reaction because Pink Cheeks specializes in not only waxes but anal bleaching.

If I’m going somewhere that is going to rip my pubic hairs out-I’m going to the top place . My research showed that every Playmate, Penthouse, Bikini Model, Porn Star goes to “see Cindy at Pink Cheeks.”

I took an entire xanax before I drove to Pink Cheeks. I was nervous. There was no way this wasn’t going to hurt. My roomie told me that when she went to get waxed it was less painful when her ovarian cyst exploded. Awesome. However, she didn’t go to Pink Cheeks.

I made it to the waiting room. It was nice enough. I saw another woman sitting and waiting for her appointment and she looked stressed out. She didn’t think to drug herself before the appointment. That’s so innocent. I offered her a valium.

I tend to talk when I get nervous. Ha! I tend to talk when I breathe… Anyhow I made friends with “Marcy” in the waiting room.

“Marcy, why are you here? No other options? I support you!”
Marcy shared that this was a wonderful anniversary gift for her husband. I nodded in agreement and together we looked over the pubic hair menu. Who knew there were so many styles? Colors even!

With so much trepidation I met Cindy who owns Pink Cheeks. No stress, no pain. It was an absolute cinch. I maybe slightly flinched once but was able to hold a conversation with her the entire time. She went to work quickly and was such a perfectionist at one point she grabbed a pair of tweezers. Now that’s commitment! The entire process maybe took 5 minutes. There’s a reason the ladies that make their money off their body see her. She’s the best.

I have to give a shout to my friend Brad that let me know there was waxing fashion. Brad said “Meg, don’t go all bare. It’s like you’re trying too hard. The girls I am with under thirty go all bare. You need a strip. That’s what the 30-40’s are doing now.

Thanks Brad. I’ll be sure to let the “should we wear mini-skirts after 25?” crowd know we have age appropriate bikini waxes to think about now. It’s not like we have enough day to day to worry about.

It was easy and now it’s two weeks later and it still looks good. I’m really into this no shaving thing. I have zero bumps and zero redness. As awesome as Pink Cheeks is, I think I maybe done with waxing and shaving. I’m going to next laser it off. I’m an extreme person and the thought of never having to shave again is pretty awesome. If hair comes back into fashion I might be a bit out of luck but that’s the risk I’m going to take.

I’m taking a man hiatus so if the hair first has to grow really in before I laser it off, well, that shouldn’t be a problem. I can’t believe I was so intimidated by wax and cotton muslin. It was a walk in the park.

How about you? Wax, shave, laser, nair? How do you go bare? Oh, and is Brad right about the age thing? I ended up going with the strip because, there’s nothing worse then trying too hard..

Check Pink Cheeks Out!

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