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Gigi here, I ran into a friend last week during my “Drugstore Dance” and asked how she was. We laughed as she said, “Fine, just getting older and finding hair in places where it shouldn’t be.” That funny remark led me to do a follow-up piece on my enjoyment of hair removal (an idiosyncrasy of mine, which you know if you read last week’s positive take on Shick’s Quattro Razor for Women). This time my weapon of choice was the Personal Groomer by Artemis Woman.

Artemis was begun by two Irish women (, and they offer a large range of unique products to promote health and complete wellness; the name itself is taken from that of the Greek goddess of the moon and hunt, a goddess of strength and confidence. The company is admirable not only for its unique items–such as a Shea Butter paraffin bath for hands and both facial scrubs and jewelry made with semi-precious stones–but also for the fact that it donates two percent of all profits toward ridding the world of cancers affecting women. I was anxious to use a product that was simultaneously a beauty aid to me and a health gift to other women. The personal groomer is a slim tool, powered by one AA battery, with a fine, razor-edged head with tiny teeth. Included is a much larger, dual-sided comb which you place over the razor for longer hair, a brush to clean the comb, and a safety cap. It is meant for removal of facial hair, strays under and between brows, arms, and the bikini area.

Fortunately, facial hair is not an issue for me, with only fair cilia evident in the light above my lip and under my chin. The razor edge made quick work of disposing of this while I moved it in the direction of hair growth as directed. There was no pain, no chance of cutting myself. It worked with precision. Thumbs up here, way up. When it comes to eyebrows, the dual-side comb attachment is supposed to be used to brush through brows. Stop! Unless you are the “missing link” or sporting as much fur as Ron Perlman in “Beauty and the Beast,” the head gets in the way. The meticulous touch needed in this area is lost, and you may find yourself removing hair which will never regrow. Beware–there is always a danger that eyebrows can be tweezed too much and lashes can be pulled, with no certainty of returning. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life with a brow pencil, trying to recreate ones I already had. I experimented with the razor edge itself, but carefully. A slip can be costly. I was more comfortable with the area between brows but, all in all, I still prefer to tweeze for this.

The fine edge is intended to clear arms of hair–it doesn’t. My blonde hair remained intact, no matter how patiently I worked, and the other head did nothing. Perhaps it works for a coarse texture only. I had the most hope for the bikini area. I used the dual comb, and there was no smarting–mainly because there was little hair removal. It was rather “hit or miss.” From some patches huge hairs emerged; on others, I ran the comb through several times, with nary a hair plucked. My suggestion: Purchase one of the tiny disposable razors for bothersome hair and use a good shaving crème or moisturizing soap. This item sells for $14.99, but I don’t have the money or time to spend that for inconsistent results.

Any other ladies out there had any luck with Artemis?

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