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This may be the year of the Rat according to the Chinese calendar but here at Megs Makeup, I’m declaring this the year of the Body Butter! Last year it was Bronzer, we seemed to get a new one every month. But lately the tides have turned-Body Butter is the new Bronzer. Lucky for me, I happen to love Body Butters. The richer, the creamier, the better. Maybe it’s because I live in a dry climate. Or maybe it’s because I find them so much more decadent than just ordinary lotion. Who knows? Butter me up, Baby!

It was a given for me to write the post for Pacifica Body Butter. I’ve loved this company since their start in 1995. Take one look at their website and it’s easy to see why anyone is a fan- gorgeous art deco packaging in lush color combinations, fragrances that are even more stunning than you could imagine: Thai Lemongrass, French Lilac, Tahitian Gardenia and Mexican Cocoa are only a few of my favorites. Their products make the perfect gift too, they smell amazing and make a much bigger impression than the reasonable price you paid.

My experience up to this point has only been with their candles and soaps. So when Pacifica’s heck of a guy Kevin sent us the Brazilian Mango Grapefruit Body Butter I was not only happy for a chance to butter myself, but to try something I’ve never tried from a favorite line.

Let me tell you, talk about a better butter! The scent is outrageous “a cross between peach and apricot, with pineapple undertones, meets a sultry, fleshy mango and mingles with the bright tartness of grapefruit.” I mean, how delicious is that? It’s like a summer day on a tropical island. Not only does the scent linger, but Pacifica has gotten the butter recipe down pat (hey, I’m clever!) Super rich, but not at all greasy. In a word-YUM.

And while perusing their easy to navigate, yet beautiful website I learned some interesting things about the Mango as well. “Known as “the queen of tropical fruits,” the mango is one of the most beloved fruits worldwide. The Buddha prized mangoes so much that he was given a grove in which to meditate. The Mango plays a sacred role in India where the fruit is viewed as a symbol of love and the tree is believed to contain the power to grant wishes. To give a mango as a gift is to give one’s blessing. It is also thought that the mango shape inspired the paisley design. In Brazil, the mango is an economic mainstay, as well as a beloved fruit. The town of Belem is widely known throughout Brazil as “Mango City.” Dream analysis suggests that the appearance of mangoes in dreams is a sign of fertility, sexual desires, and lust.” Who would have thought Buddha and lust would ever be used in the same description?!

So ladies, let us know…love body butter? Love Pacifica? Love Pacifica body butter?

This just in, for a limited time, the Brazilian Mango Grapefruit scent is 20% off at Pacifica, both body and candles. Buy it Here, and hurry!

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