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speak for your elf

Stacy B here! Merry Christmas! I hope you all had a great day celebrating with friends and family and way too many sweets. Don’t worry, the collective diet starts Tuesday.

I was really lucky this year that my office closed on Christmas Eve so I had 3 days before Christmas Day to get fully prepared. We hosted about 15 people at our house for dinner so I had a lot to do! Luckily my mom and aunt have been doing Christmas dinner for years so they basically brought everything and just took over my oven. I made potatoes, corn and about 4 different types of cookies. With help from my son, of course. He’s getting really good, especially at cracking eggs, which is his favorite thing to do. If there are no eggs in the recipe, I pretty much can count on him bailing on me. Luckily, every cookie and treat I made had eggs. Healthy stuff….really. 

During a rare moment of down time Sunday afternoon I had time to do my nails. No fancy manicure, just a quick two coats while my youngest napped and my husband and older son ran some errands (last minute shopping, of course). 

I went with a perfect Christmas shade from OPI called Speak For Your-Elf. How appropriate, and cute! It was a true red glitter polish but the glitter was red, too, and very fine so it wasn’t chunky or flashy. Just a nice shimmery sparkle in the right light. 

Just as the second coat was drying, my son woke up demanding lunch and mommy attention so I didn’t get to do a top coat. I figured I’d get to it later….take a guess if that happened or not…

My only trick for time is to swipe a bit of polish across the tip of your nail. Hold the brush vertically and lightly swipe it across the edge of your nail, bonus points if you get a little on the under side of the nail. If you can’t get in a top coat, this helps protect from chips.

I hardly expected this to last and anticipated some touch ups before the big day, or even a full replacement. But, OPI really came through. After two full days of craziness, I just had a little wear on a few tips, but no major chips. This polish made it though two baths for each kid, all the present wrapping, 4 different batches of cookies, assembly of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Farm set, two stockings stuffed, one Christmas Eve party, one champagne bottle popped, a full house clean, my own showers, one round of coloring Rudolph pictures and a sprinkling of reindeer food on the front lawn. With a very difficult top to open! Plus, opening all my own presents, and all presents for my 8 month old. He only wanted to chew on the paper.

I have no less than 6 paper cuts on my hands, 2 hangnails, and dry, cracked hands from hand washing all 12 place settings of our fine china. 

But this polish weathered it all. By Christmas evening, three full days after I applied without a top coat, I saw my first chips. Amazing. I didn’t even have to worry about making sure my nails looked good before company, I already knew they did! 

I have always like OPI but have started to explore other brands, like Zoya, which uses less chemicals and really does work well. This extreme test of nail polish durability really reminded me why I have always leaned toward this brand. And I’m really glad it’s becoming more easy to find, too. Most local drugstores now carry some of the OPI collections. 

I hope you all survived the holiday and are looking forward to the new year. Stay safe on New Years Eve and check out some sparkly OPI polishes to complete your party look! Here’s to a safe and happy 2013 to you all! WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE OPI? I LOVE THE NAMES!!

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