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PEACEStacyB here!  I hope I don’t make any enemies by saying this…but I am not crazy about some organic products. I know, I know, they are so much better for us, better for the environment, better for our kids and family, but sometimes I’m just not sure they work as well as something a little less organic. Don’t get me wrong, I have a few organic products that I love, but I also have some that I’ve tried that I just didn’t like at all. I want to be head over heels for everything organic and feel good that I’m doing the absolute best for me and my family, but I’m not. I’m about 60% there. Which is probably a lot better than some people but still leaves me with a feeling of guilt.
This week I tried an organic soap with the cutest packaging. Everything was recyclable, I could actually pronounce all the ingredients and it smelled yummy! For about $6 at a local drugstore I was holding a very ‘feel good about myself and my purchase’ bar of One Natural Body Soap in ‘Peace’. Just reading the package I felt great. It had the cutest little saying on it: “One moment to enjoy, one life to live, one planet to preserve’. Yes! I am living, and preserving and enjoying and not spending a ton of money doing it! What a rush; this was definitely my good deed for the planet of the day.
It had a strawberry-raspberry smell and made my bag and car smell great. The next morning I tore open the 100% recycled package and hopped in the shower. It lathered well, I felt clean and not filmy, it fit in my hands and washed away easily. So far so good! I wasn’t overly dry when I got out of the shower, but the smell didn’t linger at all. If that’s better for you, great, it works. But, if you like the scent to stick around, you might be disappointed.
I used the soap for about four more days and by the third or fourth day, I noticed how small the bar was already. I know my husband wasn’t stealing it, I can’t pry his Irish Springs out of his hands with a crowbar. And a pink, fruity bar? He won’t get near it. It was just me using it, and it was practically half the size as it was just a few days before. By the seventh or eighth day, I was dealing with tiny broken pieces. I have never gone through a bar of soap so fast.
This would be a great gift soap, or guest soap if you are lucky enough to have a guest bathroom. I liked it, but wasn’t crazy about it. It’s one of those products that I’d buy if I had a coupon or they were on sale, but I don’t want to have to buy two or three bars of soap a month.
I tried to get on their website ( and couldn’t, but the tidbits I found on other blogs and websites were pretty good. Maybe the site was under construction? I also tried to google it, but have you ever tried to google ‘one’ anything? It’s impossible. I got like 5 trillion hits. What I could find out from my super website sluething was that the company is committed to quality, organic, good for you and good for the planet products. I’d like to try a few more products because everything about the company sounds so sincere and healthy.
Overall a decent product, but I didn’t get that ‘head over heels’ feeling I was hoping for. What about you? Are you willing to skimp on chemicals or fragrance to go Green or sometimes do you just say “to heck with it! Hand it over! It works!”

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