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Gigi here! I am not prejudiced.  I like Rimmel products.  Other Jane items have enticed me.  Milani’s runway shadows have caught my attention, along with makeup from NYC and several others.  But I’m in a dilemma.  With unresolved eye issues and pain, I am only permitted to drive about a mile from our home. 

Driving for me isn’t a habit—it’s pure bliss.  I am given to opening the windows, taking the speaker volume to max, and playing and singing anything from Samuel Barber’s “Agnus Dei” from “Adagio for Strings” to Steve Winwood’s “Roll With It,” the Stones’ “Gimme Shelter,” The Doors’ “Riders on the Storm” to “Highway Star” by Deep Purple.  A more mellow mood will have me chanting “Amazing Grace” or “It Was a Very Good Year.”  My taste is obviously eclectic.  My husband warned that I would blow the speakers and thus I did.  But did that influence me?  No—what rides I have!
Now my territory is limited along with my access to brands.  Our large, sprawling community has one full-service drugstore; the reasoning eludes me.  I feel as if I’m in the movie “Gaslight.”  Am I going crazy or am I imagining it?  When I see a stack of “Jesse’s Girl” boxes lined up on the floor, I return the next day for the contents.  The packaging has disappeared and only one container of eye shadow has been put up.  It’s in a vibrant shade of pink-infused orange (eyeshadow by any company in this hue is highly effective for work—use before approaching your boss and saying, “I think I’m getting sick.”  You’ll be home in no time, and people will give you their seat on public transit to avoid contracting the plague.)  Last week new Rimmel inventory arrived.  Finally, after a year, I would give some mention to the brand.  The boxes sat unopened.  I can’t see the surveillance camera and I don’t want “Local Teacher Found Shoplifting” splattered across our hometown newspaper.  I waited and returned.  Two products were on hangers:  A black mascara, partially opened, and a red lipstick with teeth marks in the wrapping (evidently someone has worse makeup addiction issues than I do)!
And thus I remain with Olay again this week for a timely topic—Olay’s “Daily Body Lotion Plus A Touch of Sunless Tanner.”   Jergens ranks high in this area, but I somehow was not born with the gene allowing me to use sunless tanner properly.  (Disclaimer:  Please note that, when you signed up for this site, you were implanted with a unique cyber device.  If you fry your delicate skin in the sun or in a tanning bed, a signal will be beamed back to one of the MP’s—Meghead Police—and we will be forced to find you and slap you silly.  We remain anonymous at all times.)
I was reading a beauty magazine article about Olay’s version.  It touted it as totally goof-proof.  Obviously they haven’t met me!  I run a small business from our game room, where I do creative sunless tanning, promising to give you a look which is totally unique, with swaths and streaks unlike anyone else’s, auburn palms, and lines of demarcation.  A treatment includes a tie-dye T-shirt (mistakes from using Rit for clothing) and a free “peace” pendant.
I decided to see just how goof-proof Olay is.  I purposely didn’t do what I knew I should do—exfoliate first.  For your face, neck, and décolletage, use your finest products.  For arms, hands, fingers (yes, fingers), legs, and all else (including toes), any will do.  Uneven layers of skin will add to a creative look.  I applied as is.  This is first and foremost a moisturizer, and it glides on with no heavy, slick feel at all; skin remains hydrated for several hours, and the ingredients will not cause blemishes.  The lightweight lotion is available for both face and body, but using just the body formula will cause no harm (around $7.00-8.50, depending on the store, online drugstore, and/or coupons available).
This is best applied as you would any other emulsion, after exfoliating and followed by a shower or bath, when skin is most vulnerable.  Color builds gently, in harmony with your own body’s chemistry. The generous-sized tube I bought was a mistake on my part—it was meant for those with medium-to-dark complexions.  No wonder I saw a subtle change the first day!  It was understated, but also a tad sultry and sun-kissed.  Normally a product for fair skin would leave me looking artificial, but even this worked!  I let one arm and leg go untended and compared, along with one side of my face, to make sure I compared and documented results (oh, my poor mailman, no wonder he drops off packages and runs).
I washed my hands and there wasn’t a hint of orange.  Nor was there fear of ruining bed linens and clothing.  The scent was quite soft and faded quickly; this could be used throughout the year to rid myself of my pasty look permanently while keeping skin silky.  In a week of continuous use, I could build more color progressively and become a bronze icon and braid my hair into Bo Derek’s famous cornrows ala the movie ”10.” Perhaps I won’t.  Moreover, a sunscreen of SPF is added to whatever else you are wearing to shield you from prohibited UVA and UVB rays, and you won’t need to worry about a visit from the MP.  Looks like it’s time to hang up my business shingle.  It’s okay.  I don’t think I ever earned anything except for pity .

Who else Loves the simplicity and quality of Olay’s Daily Body Lotion Plus a Touch of Sunless Tanner?

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