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My family and I have a very non-traditional tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving by camping together. For the last 4 years we’ve packed up our trailers and toy haulers, gassed up the quads, cooked a mess’a food and headed to the desert. You heard me right…the desert. Sand Mountain just outside of Fallon Nevada to be specific and the name is not at all misleading. It is actually a massive mountain of sand that’s perfect for tearing around on the quads and having an absolute blast. The days pretty much follow this pattern. Wake up, eat, go ride, come back and eat, go ride, eat again, ride again, build a huge bonfire and break out the cocktails. Lather, rinse and repeat for the next three days! I know it doesn’t sound like a great Thanksgiving but we spend more time together as a family and a lot less time in the kitchen cleaning up after a dinner that took two days to make and twenty minutes to eat!

Our trip this time was made even better by the addition of a little bit of “Top Gun” trivia. As it would happen the fighter scenes from Top Gun were filmed right there in the salt flats valley and mountain range that encircles Sand Mountain. Never one to miss an opportunity to watch the HOTTEST volleyball scene EVER…we popped the DVD in (I’m spoiled. We don’t exactly rough it….DVD player and flat screen in our hauler) and set about seeing how many of the scenes we could recognize. Cocktails all around this turned into kind of a drinking game and pretty soon we had a trailer of full of 4 toasted and randy women whooping every time we recognized a scene, saw Slider with his shirt off or Tom Cruise bending over in his tidy whities. Sorry to the young ones…Tom was SMOKIN’ back then and that’s the TC I’ll always cherish and love. “Hey Maverick, ya big stud…take me to bed or lose me forever!” Where do I sign up???

Suffice to say…four days of hard riding and hard drinking will take a toll on your body and by the end of the trip everyone is sore ALL over. I get off a little light in this area since I’m always the passenger on the big quad nicknamed “Couch” because it so friggin’ comfy…and don’t usually end up as sore as my poor hubby does. Since he does the majority of the work when we camp (I cook and bartend…that’s pretty much IT!) I decided to treat him to a back massage with the awesome smelling natural massage oil Meg sent me to try out. Ola Hawaii tropical massage oil with macadamia and kukui nut, avocado, coconut and virgin coconut butter in Passion Fruit Citrus. Total treat for my guy as the exotic aroma sank into his skin and soothed his aching muscles, and a double hit for me because it quenched my hands made thirsty by the dry desert air. All I had to do was close my eyes, breathe in the aromatic scent of passion fruit with coconut, and instantly I was transported to that San Diego Volleyball beach where I was slathering oil on Slider’s rock hard abs as he proclaimed his undying love for me! Oh yeah baby...”I feel the need…the need for SPEED!” and a bit of Slider on the side as well. Of course, I’ll need a bucket full of this gorgeous massage oil to do the job right. Whew…DOWN GIRL! Rrrrrruff.

Do yourself a favor and keep a bottle of this lovely concoction on hand just in case your guy needs a little TLC. Or better yet, let HIM give you a sensuous body massage but don’t get mad if the scent sends him to that same So Cal beach substituting Slider for Megan Fox! Fantasies work both ways people.

So go get a copy of Top Gun, Ola Hawaii tropical massage oil and your significant other (or significant for that night) and GLAM ON!!!!

Ladies, I know you all got this in different scents, Please let us know what kind you got in your review!


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