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Kate here! I feel a little guilty, but I haven’t had any just great new products to review lately except this one. But it’s actually a Drugstore Deal! (Sorry Gigi, but I just couldn’t help myself!) Now, I’m luxury cosmetics all the way. I don’t even use any drugstore products except for toothpaste and $4 Le Petit Marseillais body washes which I import from France (my dad brings back 3 at a time from business trips), but this state-side product is AMAZING. Oil of Olay In-Shower Body Lotion.

I first discovered it last summer, staying with my friend Sally in Birmingham for another friend’s Bachelorette weekend. I used my own 3 oz. or less shampoo and conditioner. But I always end up sacrificing my mini-body washes for foundation and moisturizer in my too-small 1-quart TSA friendly re-sealable bag.

So I took a shower at Sally’s apartment and helped myself to her liter bottle of this stuff called “In-Shower” body lotion. I thought it was a good idea. I have a “routine” in the shower which it would easily fit into. I confess, I often forget to moisturize my legs and arms after getting out because I get distracted by choosing clothes, or deodorant or toner or Facebook. Oil of Olay was thinking of me!

All you do is slather on this thick, creamy, very hydrating cream all over your arms, legs, and torso and leave it one a minute or so then rinse off. The water beads up on your skin and get out of the shower, towel of and your skin is unbelievably silky smooth. It is amazing. Go, try, and report back!

If it makes my life easier and works like a dream and is a super reasonable price then I’m sold! Any other fans?

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