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polishWhenever my husband does something he’s all proud of, he comes in the door singing “You’re gonna’ like me…” Usually he is right. Goddess Granny singing this to YOU my sista’ Megheads today and I think I’ll be right too!

I am one of THE best “keepers of a secret” I know and because of that, I hold info that would level some! I also know when it’s almost required of me to share and these products are simply SO amazing that if I don’t share with y’all,I’ll be certain not only to lose sleep but something even worse might happen. I’m a big believer in karma.

I know you’re saying “Nfu-Oh?” What the chit is she jibber-jabbering about now, is this yet another bizarre product I really don’t need to know about? Nope, it’s simply the name of an truly fantastic line of nail polishes and nail-care products that can only be found in one place here in the US and I’m gonna’ give you the skinny on it, did I say “You’re gonna like me” yet?Kiss

Created by a gifted nail artist from South Korea named “Ms. Jung” and manufactured in France, the Nfu-Oh line (pronounced “en foo oh“) offers THE most outstanding color range of nail colors and unique finishes I’ve ever seen.They are a dream to apply and dry with a richness and depth of color you will be amazed by. You want glitters,  cremes, holographic shimmers, and more? They offer it! The bottles are generous in size with a truly awesome brush, I personally HATE the wide or skinny brushes that seem to be in trend these days and much prefer a high-quality one that works well and allows my non-nail-tech self to get the job done with minimal mess. Non-settling perfect nail polish that elevates even the mani you give yourself while sitting on the bathroom floor to couture-status! There are also primers and topcoats made to work with the polishes for really pro-results available.

Oh…you’ve noticed the BOTTLE have you? It’s a work of art: gorgeously embossed with the sexiest Cinderella-ballgown “corset” design on both sides and on top, I’d flippin’ buy it for this alone but combined with the insanely-beautiful polishes, Nfu-Oh has been on my “I’ll NEVER be without THIS product!” list for several months. Every person I’ve gifted some to has literally squeeeeed out loud in delight!

Another incredible goody in the line up is the “Flower Cuticle Oil”: lightly but noticeably scented and lusciously moisturizing oil to be used anytime at all for a quick shine refresher and cuticle tamer,it comes in several choices one of which I’m positive will win your heart.I’m a sucker for the gardenia-sweet “Plumeria”.Did I mention that not only do the oils come in the same covet-worthy bottle but that they actually have tiny FLOWERS suspended in the bottom of the bottle?

To…Die…For…seriously, it’s girly-glam that works at it’s BEST! You get smooth, sweetly-scented fingertips in seconds to wave around!

“Jocelyn” the site-owner is a doll and offers expert advice and the best customer service, as well as color consulting: there are swatches available of many of the colors and she really knows her stuff! The polishes are “Big 3 Free” of all the chemical- nastiness we hate too!

As IF it could get any better: how about FREE GROUND SHIPPING on all US orders?

The term “cult status” is one I take quite seriously in a world overflowing (thank GOD!) with products but trust me when I tell you that these nail products have achieved just that! They have been whispered about on “insider” pro-nail blogs for a while and one shade in particular,Number 51 is probably the singular most beautiful and unique shade of nail polish I and many others have ever seen. A fire-y shade of glimmering is it purple, is it green, is it orange,is it red that defies all seasons and trends and simply MUST be worn to be appreciated.Whenever it’s on my toes,I get stopped and asked “WHAT color is THAT?” and another bottle is ordered by someone!

Buy Nfu-Oh products here, it’s really the ONLY place, sometimes bottles can be found on Ebay but I can personally attest to Jocelyn’s “fabulousness!”

Do you share ALL your beauty secrets with your peeps like they are Mama’s special carrot cake recipe or do you prefer to keep some of the gorgeous to yourself?

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