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Meg RANDOM TANDEM thought.

I don’t exercise, never have, believe it or not, I’m not very athletic. I liked to do my gymnastics as a kid but then I grew and the 5 foot girls kicked my butt so that was that.

I was on the phone with Rachael and she was off to her pilates class. She said that I would like it because there’s a lot of lying down. She said she also saw a lot of results. I am a skinny fat person so that sounded good to me.

I am married to HOM, he is a very dangerous word. The word I hate most in the English language..Frugal. “No way, I am not paying for private pilates. Go take a walk around the block”!

I don’t want to walk around the block, this is why I have a car. Besides I only have 3 pairs of flat shoes and they’re Tod’s DRIVING shoes. Obviously I didn’t pay $350 a pop to WALK in them.

Then it came to me. “Jason, can we get a Wii? I can get Dance Dance Revolution like those arcade kids and dance in the livingroom and then I will be in shape”.

I was waiting for him to answer me but he was already peeling out the driveway on the way to BestBuy.

About 45 minutes and $600 later HOM was back (funny how he’s frugal depending). He was loading in games and consuls and remotes and was the happiest I’ve ever seen him.

Foiled again. Dance Dance Revolution will not be out for 2 more months. HOM has not moved from the couch since he set the Wii up. I saw him working up a sweat playing boxing, then he moved on to Metroid and now he thinks he’s saving Zelda (all player for 1).

Once he leaves for work I am thinking of the great pipes I will sporting after 20 minutes of boxing a day. There must be moms that read Megs that have been forced to buy Wii for their kids (or husbands).

Have you been able to put together a work out through this? Is a Dance Dance Revolution workout a crack idea? After purchase have you ever talked to your husband again?
Let me know if the arcade workout is a good idea..The good news is HOM is so wrapped up in the Wii that I could attend a week long pilates camp now and he’d never know I was gone. Thoughts?

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