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bottleshealingGood morning from Jeanasina headquarters! I’m having my morning cup of coffee and feeling content because I just took a shower using new Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Deep Moisture Body Wash with Aloe!

Lately I have been noticing that my current body wash isn’t cutting it – my skin has been feeling extra dry so it was time to do my research and see what is out there that I haven’t tried! I needed a body wash that would add moisture to my ‘write-your-name-with-your-fingernail-on-my-skin-and-be-able-to-read-it’ state of skin dryness! I was at the grocery store (CUB) in the body wash section, when I noticed they had a product with the words ‘NEW!’ on it! It was Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Deep Moisture Body Wash… “for skin that looks and feels noticeably healthier’” with Aloe! I picked it up and I opened the lid and gave the tube a gentle squeeze and did the ‘Jeanasina HAS GOT TO SMELL STUFF FIRST BEFORE SHE BUYS ANYTHING sniff’! Once long ago I did this with body wash and I accidentally squeezed the container SO hard that the stuff shot up my nose and then fell back out and dripped all over my wool winter coat! I didn’t have a tissue or anything to wipe it up at the time, so it was a mess and I was sure it was caught on the store camera somewhere! Still…I continue to do this behavior…this necessary sniffing of products before I buy, in the store. It’s gotta meet my smell criteria standards or it’s just NOT coming home with me!

The Gold Bond Ultimate Deep Moisture Body Wash claims to moisturize your skin DEEP DOWN! That’s what I wanted! Here are some of the attributes that lured me into trying this particular body wash!

-Aloe – Natural, healing botanical helps soothe minor skin irritations.
-7 Intensive Moisturizers:
Restore and help maintain skin’s ideal moisture levels.
-Fresh Clean Scent:
Provides skin with a fresh clean fragrance.
-Easy Squeeze Tube:
New lightweight and flexible tube is easier to grip and use.
-Vitamin A:
Improves elasticity and reduces appearance of wrinkles.
-Vitamin C:
Promotes skin development and collagen formation.
-Vitamin E:
Enhances protective function of skin and minimizes lipid loss.

Unlike most body washes, it comes in a soft large toothpaste tube type container that is super easy to hold on it while you squeeze out the product onto your bath sponge! I have arthritis in my hands so to have a soft tube I can easily squeeze is a bonus round for me! It lathered just enough to bathe my body and well enough to shave with too! I felt pretty hydrated after I used it and to make sure my body was in moisturization bliss, I topped my skin off with the matching Gold Bond Aloe Ultimate healing skin therapy lotion! I love to have my body wash match my skin lotion! The Gold Bond healing body wash in Aloe has a fresh clean scent that doesn’t cling like some overpowering fragrances do! It’s just enough to feel feminine and clean! It also doesn’t seem to interfere with my perfume! The lotion is especially rich and when you put it on, you feel like it’s sinking down into every layer of your skin right to the bone! I love how intensive it is!
I have always associated Gold Bond with men and foot problems! My husband has used Gold Bond products for years! I had never given Gold Bond brand any consideration for MY needs! Lucky for me that I saw the Gold Bond body healing aloe wash and brought it home! I really like it and topped with the healing aloe skin therapy lotion – my skin really feels happily hydrated!

Right now you can go here and print out a $1.00 off coupon to use if you’d like to try one of their body-washes or one of their other products! The Gold Bond line also has a body wash for sensitive skin (with oat extract to soothe and calm skin irritation; one with shea butter (to enhance moisturization and elasticity and texture) and… an exfoliating wash with micro-beads (For Clean and Brighter Skin That Looks and Feels Noticeably Younger and Healthier)! You have 4 options according to your skins pressing needs!

The advertising says…”It’s the body wash that performs like a lotion for noticeably softer skin!” A lovely layer of moisture has made it’s way down into MY skin seemingly from the Gold Bond products! I no longer wake up in the middle of the night scratching like an old man with my fingernails trying to relieve the itchy dry areas of my skin that insist on being scratched until they get even dryer! I am endorsing this product as worth the $5.98 price and as a body wash that really DOES add moisture to bone dry skin! If the product is putting 7 intensive moisturizers to work within my dry skin, I’m totally on board with that! I say “Bring it on!”

Any of you use a fab body wash you’d like to let us know about?

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