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The time has come for all of you – young and old and even older than old to sit back at this time in your life and prepare yourself for my first Jeanasina review. I’m an official every other Wednesday Body Beautiful reviewer! Thrilling is one of the words I utter every time I read Meg’s note officially giving me power of attorney in the make-up world to represent on her site!

Hunker on up to your computer screen, slather on your favorite lip plumper and prepare to be uplifted! I have puckered up in the past and lip printed my own computer screen with at least 55 different shades of pink! And you know what? It totally messed up my screen! I can’t see anything anymore! I’m telling you first hand – not even pouring Hilex Bleach right on the screen got that high tech lip gloss off! My computer is fried so I’m at the library now!

I’ll relate my recent experience with Neutrogena healthy skin rejuvenator! I am constantly on patrol monitoring my face and neck and especially my skin in the mirror. I can see every single flaw in my 600 amplification make-up mirror which is some REALLY scary stuff! My boyfriend the Harley man says I should stop looking in the magnification mirror but you know…it’s totally compelling to see if anything more diabolical has happened to your face since the day before when you last looked!

The Neutrogena healthy skin rejuvenator ad on TV and the ad mentioned ‘reducing the darkness of ugly embarrassing age spots’ – they probably just said age spots but I knew they meant ugly & embarrassing!

You are supposed to scrub with this on each section of your face for 1 or 2 minutes. I did it while watching TV to make the time go faster. The little scrubby pad is filled with some pleasant ingredient that will get even soapier if you run it under water several times throughout the procedure!

I did it exactly as the directions indicated, I was astonished at how soft my face was! I mean it was the softest I think it has ever felt in years! I diligently used it 3 times the first week as the directions state and each time I thought “WOW – this stuff really makes your skin radiant!

Then came week #2, I scrubbed a couple of days that second week concentrating on my temples because I have some large age spots there. Right around that time I noticed that on my temples there were about 50 small pimple type bumps which had cropped up and didn’t appear to be leaving any time soon. So now I had age spots and pink bumps!

I completely stopped using it which I hated to do because I loved how it made my skin glow. My esthetician told me that because I am an ’older’ woman my skin is much thinner now and that the bumps were reactions to OVER stimulating and scrubbing my elderly face!

I saw DR and he told me the bumps might never go away. So would I use this again…probably…I was thinking of trying it on my chest because that’s a virtual smorgasbord of skin damage – maybe if I’m gentle and do it only once a week it will be ok.

Any other ladies tried Neutrogena Healthy Skin Rejuvenator? How’d it work for you?

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