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Stacy B here! I’m so embarrassed. I should be fired from writing on this site. I committed one of the cardinal sins of beauty.

I forgot to wash my hands after applying self tanner. For like 3 days in a row. So stupid of me! You know what happens, darker palms, orange spots between my fingers and weird splotches on the heels of my hand and wrists. I have been pretty annoyed for the past few days, everytime I look down I am reminded of my error.

I found a new natural tanner that I wanted to try, Nature’s Gate Glow Lotion and I just dove right in. I guess I can state the obvious here…it works.

I think my mistake was trying it after getting out of the shower in the morning. We’re like a well oiled machine in my house, my husband gets up and showers first, I get my younger son and lay him next to me for a few more minutes of sleep while we wait for my older son to get up. When I’m showering, he gets the kids dressed and fed and then when he leaves, I get them out the door and to wherever they are going that day.

 Yes, you read that right, my husband does the breakfasts and outfits each morning. I am really lucky to have a very involved dad as a husband! I would be willing to bet he’d pass off the outfits to me if we had girls, but with two boys, it’s not like you have to worry about accessorizing!

Adding a new step to my routine wasn’t as easy as I thought. The first day my older son decided he wanted to dry his hair, too. I had to help him hold the hairdryer to keep him from dropping it because the air flow ‘tickled his head’. The second day we were running late because both boys chose to sleep for about 15 minutes longer than normal and the third day, my younger son decided to flip himself over onto his belly and then scream in frustration because he was stuck like that. He’s not quite strong enough to crawl but deparately wants to move. I had to rescue him.

Really, I’m just lucky that neither boy has tan handprints on them somewhere. Even if they did, it’s a natural product so I wouldn’t feel bad about chemicals on them!

This company has been around for 40 years and is based on botanical, herbal and floral products. I thought this was great when I read it on their site: “Our Certified Organic botanicals are farmed without the use of synthetic or inorganic chemicals, utilizing methods that naturally enhance soil structure, conserve water and mitigate climate change.” Not only is it good for you, it’s good for the planet!

The lotion has readable and recognization ingredients, like shea butter, apricot, almond and soybean oil and Vitamin E. I bet it’s great for those of you with sensitive skin or allergies. It goes on very smoothly, is thick but not sticky, absorbs fast and smells great. Sort of a floral, citrus blend. Or as my husband said, “you smell like Key Lime Pie”. Um, thanks?

My only complaint is that it’s not as moisturizing as I’d hoped. Clearly the gradual tan works, but I felt like after an hour or so, I needed more lotion. I used it one night before bed on my face and I woke up feeling a little tight and dry. Which is not good for this time of year. It was better on my arms and legs, but my face needs more. This might be something that I’d use every other day so I get some color, but didn’t dry out my skin.

So far, I don’t look orange but my palms are definitely darker than they should be! I will have to really try to remember to wash my hands! Any tips out there on fading the color? Vinegar? Lemon juice? Gloves? 🙂  Guess I’ll have to live with it for a few more days!

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