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naturallyMeg here! I know Costco isn’t a drugstore but it does have a drug section. I found a great deal, even better then 100 rolls of toilet paper for $20.00!

It’s funny how you hear something once and then you notice it everywhere. It’s not like you ladies don’t know that I’m a total sucker for a bargain! So of course I own a Costco card. Why pay $4.99 for 6 pickles when I can pay $7.50 for 60 pickles! I mean, right?

We had this amazing review of Natural Upper Canada Salt Scrub written by Goddess Granny. Before I had published it I had gotten another one (underneath) from Sweetassgal. The reviews were both singing the praises.

I’m in Costco and then I spot MORE Natural Upper Canada. Two Hand Repair Balms and a Body Lotion for $13.99!! Full Size! I threw a few into my cart-Buying in Bulk Never Felt So Good! I asked the manager and it appears that this is just a deal for the Los Angeleno’s. However, read Sweetassgal’s review below and fall more in love with the line.

Sweetassgal here thinking a lot about family and the kinds of relationships that last a lifetime.  Meg often talks about how much she loves elderly people…well honey…if you had the chance to meet my Grandparents you’d probably pack them off in your Chanel bag and keep them with you forever.  They are simply THE cutest two people on the planet!  My Grandpa Milburn Murmon and Grandma Helen Humphries are quite literally “The Notebook”…live and in person.  I have never in my life seen two people more in love and completely devoted to each other for decades than these two.  They kiss and hug every day and I swear my Grandpa tells her she is his angel each morning.  Just seeing the love and passion in their eyes helps you to understand how two people can walk through this world together and continue to go hand in hand in the afterlife.

I try every day to gain inspiration from their devotion and apply it to my own relationship with my husband…Sweetassguy (new to Megs and VERY deserving of this moniker!).  He always goes out of his way thinking of my feelings and my needs and so last night I utilized a little something from Megs last shipment to show him how much I appreciate him and know what he likes.  Yes folks…my 6’1″ and 275 pound husband LOVES pedicures!  He loves riding quads, shooting guns, drinking Cap’n Morgan and getting his FEET PAMPERED!  There isn’t an un-masculine bone in his great big body and yet he’ll turn to butter at the thought of a good pedi.  Bring on the Upper Canada Naturally Coarse Salt Scrub in Cranberry Moro Orange…the perfect pair to a delicious pedicure and TRUE spa experience at home!

The first thing you discover immediately upon removing the top is that this stuff smells INCREDIBLE.  Like dive in face first and take a huge bite incredible!  I want to rim my margarita glass with it…but alas…I won’t.  It is truly a coarse sea salt scrub as the grains are very large and can really take a scrubbing on a set of rough heels or even elbows if the case may be.  After a bit of soaking I went in with the scrub and really gave him a good polishing.  I used a little too much the first time so start with less and add more if you think you need it.  This stuff has staying power so you won’t need a lot to finish the job.  Just hope you’ve got the biceps to outlast the scrub!  15 minutes and two oh-so-soft feet later we had one happy husband!  Upper Canada is UBER brilliant!

This incredible flavor…I mean scent…I swear I didn’t eat it…is also available in lotions, shower gels, lip butter and really, just about anything you can think of.  Upper Canada has a HUGE selection of body pampering products each beckoning me from the other side of my computer screen.  There is a Fruit Frappe line in Pink Grapefruit Tangelo that just SCREAMS Sweetassgal!  I LOVE fresh citrus-ey scents.  There is even a Naturally Baby line in Soothing Mint Lime that I am going to HAVE to have for my new niece Olivia Isla (JUST born on my EXACT birthday of 9/10 thank you very much) that is made with all-natural and gentle ingredients that are Paraben, Mineral Oil, Synthetic Dye and SLS free as seem to be all of their lines of product!  This is a very extensive line with something for everyone!

Found online at and they are worth your time to check it out and see what tempts you.  I haven’t been able to locate everything I’ve seen on their dealer only website but I’m hoping to soon.  Spreading the word always helps get us access to the latest and greatest product because I’m in NEED of some Fruit Frappe.  Yet again something SO yummy that I can’t eat!  Looks like Sweetassguy is going to have a lifetime of delish pedi’s ahead of him…and he deserves it…as do I!  We love you Grandma and Grandpa!  LOVE ON and GLAM ON!

Darn it LA! First the movie stars, then the weather-now your Costco! who else has found some great beauty finds at Costco and loving Naturally Upper Canada!

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