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uppercanada“It’s raining,it’s pouring…” Goddess Granny just put on her flip-flops and went out to splash around in a puddle! Some new beauty treatment aka a mud-pedi or something you ask? Naw…it’s just that it’s literally been MONTHS since I have seen the wet stuff and it did me good to just go wallow in the mud for a few minutes.

Sometimes those “simple pleasures” really ARE the best! Kiss

I also love when a company keeps thing real and simple: an edited menu of fabulous products containing elegantly pure and refined ingredients can be more satisfying than an entire buffet of less than exciting fare! I for one am a believer that quality=longevity as well.

A company that has been in biz since 1969? Obviously they are doing a LOT right! With an incredible, creative, and thoughtful line of specialty bath and body products, “Naturally Upper Canada” has achieved this amazing degree of success and continues to set the bar in the bath and body industry. Exceptional quality-standards in a product will win out over trendy packaging every time with me and although I do love a good glitter-infused tub o’ lovely here and there, I adore their sparse but beautifully-shaped and simple presentation in a rich brown jar.
Their commitment to quality and purity combined with exceptional value in products that are divine simply cannot be beat!

I am a bath and body product addict. There: I have said it and thus it becomes real.  I have NO desire to work my way through this problem via steps or degrees of separation but rather I will do everything I can to continue to feed my monster and allow it and my shelves to grow even fatter and sassier!

I will buy just about anything within reason to try once but with the mind-boggling selection of containers out there for sale just FULL of yummy and not-so stuff to try, it absolutely must be something truly special for me to re-purchase or to covet a truckload of a product. It’s sort of how I feel about men: there are so many to sample BUT, the best ones are well worth keeping on hand.

Never before has a modest, generous, 9.6 oz. tub of pure white cream had me dreaming of a truck FULL of the product it contains parked out back! I could then and at my leisure, simply go out and dip my pail into the fluffy and use it lavishly to my heart’s content secure in the knowledge that I wouldn’t be without it any time soon!

Upper Canada’s “Coarse Salt Scrub” is the rather imprecise name of this MUCH coveted product I am currently using by the mere tablespoon because I simply don’t wan to take a bath without it this week (I have more on order, Surprised) Pure white, the texture of whipped heavy cream or dense vanilla custard, this scrub is literally my idea of nirvana in a modest dress/jar! Crafted from mineral-rich dead sea salts, avocado, soy, and olive oils, and having the delightful distinction of also being SLS, synthetic dye, and paraben free, it’s just SO damn perfect I can hardly stand it…

You simply scoop out a handful (tablespoon for me this week only…) and proceed to exfoliate any body-part you feel might need a bit more love that day: it’s beyond-creamy, rich and heavy, moist and dreamy, and honestly leaves your skin SO perfectly re-hydrated and smooth that you’ll think you’re using THE highest-priced spa-secreted product that is only whispered about and available to the special among us!

It retails for…gulping in disbelief here….$16.00 a tub and when I say it’s THE BEST scrub/body exfoliator ever, believe that I have tried enough of them to know. 🙂 Not crumbly like the “sugar scrubs” can be and not scratchy like some with beads or buffers can be….this one simply does it’s job perfectly and better than anticipated and to me,the “coarse salt” name is not accurate as you do NOT feel the salt working it’s magic but the results prove it’s the best at what it does!
I simply can’t get enough of it and keep trying to find new “places” that need smoothing over!

Have I mentioned the SCENT of this dream-product? It’s available in 5 scents according to company info but I have the “Pressed Olive Avocado” version clutched greedily in my hands and let me tell you, it’s like sitting in an olive-grove in THE most beautiful spot on earth you can imagine having a perfect glass of wine with Al Pacino (younger or older version, you pick! 🙂 while a cool ocean-breeze infused with just a bit of lush greenery wafts by.

It’s that freakin’ good.

It scents the tub, the water, and best of all (and I LOVE this part!) the scent lingers on your skin for ever so long. I am like some sort of primal-animal sniffing and caressing my elbows repeatedly while watching TV after a bath. (Visual not available in all areas…)

I simply can’t say enough about the goodness of this stuff and if you don’t try another new product this year, try this one and you can buy it here AT SEARS!! It could be right at home at Neiman’s or Barney’s but no Sears!

Have you ever found true love in a tub? What bath/body product do you wish you could have an endless supply of? Can you believe you can find this line used at Sears! Woohoo!

If you’re not near a ears then Buy It Here

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