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Great citizens of Megland! It’s time for a Body Beautiful Wednesday commentary from the totally loco Jeanasina ! Let’s talk about The Mani/Pedi Bar Coco Loco Smoothie by Nailtini!  Try saying that name out loud in a parrot’s voice!  That’s what I’m doing while I write this!  I know you all have a parrot voice somewhere within you just dying to come out!  “Coco Loco!”  Come on say it! “Skawk!”  Make it into a commercial, using your new found parrot voice… “I’m loco for Coco Loco!”  Alright now that I have you in the proper frame of mind and voice, lets discuss our product for today.
So, here’s the scoop.  You know how airplanes have that mysterious ‘black box’ that contains all the potent and vital information that tells the tale of the airplanes history?  Well, Nailtini’s Coco Loco Smoothie also comes with a black box!  That’s right!  On this informative black box it clearly says, “Coco Loco Smoothie turns a classic blended cocktail into an irresistible manicure/pedicure scrub.  With exfoliating sugar granules, aromatic pineapple extract and moisturizing coconut milk, this recipe serves up soft, smooth hands and feet faster than you can say, “I’ll have another!”  The scent definitely makes me think about having a yummy Caribbean vacation style drink served up to me from inside a halved pineapple!
Ok, let’s get down to it.  I scooped up some of the Nailtini Coco Loco Smoothie mini/pedi sugar scrub and had my hands as well as my feet engaged in the massage type procedure the product indicates would benefit my extremities.  I rubbed and kneaded a generous amount onto both my damp hands and my damp feet.  The instructions indicate DAMP conditions should prevail.  I am saying the word “damp” although I was thinking “damn” feet during the foot exfoliation process!  Unfortunately this past year I had to have two big toe surgeries, ugh!  For all you foot fetish aficionados, let me say, nothing will kill a foot fetish like getting surgery to remove part of your toenails.  Kiss of death on the sexy looking feet department.  My poor feet have been hiding for months. This is one time I wouldn’t mind being a mummy.  I could keep my less than succulent feet wrapped in gauze forever!  It’ summer now and I usually get pedicures for my sandal wearing months but I don’t know that any pedicurist will want to attempt to do my feet right now, even with extra strength safety goggles on!  I can just see them saying “Oh man, I just can’t work with that shit!”   I can’t look at my own feet these days without cringing due to the toe nail partial lobotomy and no matter how far I run to get away from them, I look down and they are always STILL there!  This is just wrong!
I digress… my bleak lookin’ feet are actually feeling perkier right now after my administration of the…say it with me…COCO LOCO Smoothie!  They definitely DO feel smoother.  If I was an acrobat I’d totally twist my leg up around my neck in order to smell my feet to see if the yummy fragrance lingers on.  Try to get THAT picture out of your head people!  LOL! Fortunately I used it on my hands also and discovered there is a faint after-fragrance left-over feature!  Yummy!
This product really reminded me a lot of the Surgeon’s Skin Secret One Step Manicure I reviewed awhile back – they seemed very similar. I’d say that though they both have the granule sugary texture, the Surgeon’s product seems to have larger crystals.  I did try them side by side out of curiosity.  I’d have to say the Surgeon’s One Step left my skin much more moisturized than the Nailtini Smoothie.  I liked both products.   They both melt on your hands as you scrub and they both do a tremendous and quick job of smoothing rough skin.  Unfortunately right now my hands are bone dry from gardening constantly and they are just screaming out every day for moisture infusion!  After the Nailtini scrub-a-thon I needed to get some more moisture back on my hands.  I like the exfoliation of this product and the smell is awesome, but I definitely needed hand cream soon after because, even though my hands felt really smooth, they were too dry.  But for those of you with oily hands (LOL!  Does anybody really have oily hands?)  anyway, this would probably be perfect!  It’s great on my feet for sure, they are definitely smoother, and dry.  Dry is good when it comes to feet!  My feet definitely reached a new level of suppleness after just one application! If one were to reach out and caress my foot while blindfolded right after I used the Nailtini Mani/Pedi, they would reach the conclusion that they were touching the feet of a woman who gets regular pedicures and I don’t!!!    That’s right people – my feet feel soft and and smell delicious!  Now if I could just find a volunteer from our studio audience who wants to slather my feet and hands in deep penetrating lotion for an entire hour while commenting how wonderfully the condition of my feet and hands are now after using Nailtini’s Smoothie, I’d be a damn happy woman!
Are any of you out there loco for Nailtini’s Coco Loco Smoothies?

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