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naitinifizzI’m not much of a drinker: Goddess Granny here and although I try to be chic and celebratory in my choices of cocktails,I am the girl who orders and drinks about half of anything! Friends actually count on me not finishing a drink so they can swoop in while it’s still chilly…I think it’s because there are SO many options, brands and creative-recipes out there that it’s sort of like being in Sephora and that WAVE of indecision due to sensory overload hits you right before you (okay me…:) start to hyperventilate and get giddy hoping you choose the “right thing?” I am just not that sophisticated I guess when it comes to my libations and prefer a good glass of wine or bourbon and water on a cold night. Port and dark chocolate are my “bathtub” luxuries but if you start asking me about preferences in vodka or rum or anything else, I stammer and shut down! We’re starting the season of celebrating BIG TIME so I’m going to really try to expand my options and expose myself to more of the yummy drinks people rave about…this doesn’t include my immediate Texas zip code where Keystone beer and/or home brew in a gallon milk jug are considered fine-liquors!

Y’all know LOVES anything the amazing “Tini Beauty Lounge” serves up and although they too offer as many choices as stars in the sky in terms of color options, they also make it easy to indulge by sharing their adorable website and great prices for original and beautiful products! Your nails and lips are covered with confidence whether your opt for a low key subtle style or a more glam “look at me” range of colors and finishes! I am currently obsessed with wearing a very dark graphite glitter on my toes and a vampy shade of hollywood  deep red on my fingers…the combo just seems to “work” for the season and go with either a neutral face or my much-loved red lip look! I also do love the way clean nails look and do enjoy wearing them in a more “natural” (God…I hate that word!Kiss) state during the warmer months but even then I have to tip them  with a bit of shimmer or I get all depressed…glitter is my therapy.

We all know what the fabulous darker on trend shades can DO to our nails though whether they are natural or a product of your hard-working nail salon’s skills and the staining,dullness,and grayness the darker shades leave behind when removed is not good.I don’t want the have the top-surface of my nails (which are paper thin and sensitive) buffed off to remove stains prior to a polish and don’t allow it during a mani or pedi as it’s just not a wise practice for the health of your nails.I go every two weeks but HATE chipped nail color of any kind so I am one of those who re-does it in between pro-paint jobs and it’s become my habit to soak my toes in particular prior to re-painting to insure they are really nice to start with!

Nailtini’s “Club Soda Fizz” nail whitening soak is my tootsies new BFF: you get almost 6 ounces of product and you only need to use a couple of capfuls in a basin of warm water so it lasts a LONG time! It smells delicious, like that slightly-cirtusy yummy soda we know and love! It creates this dancing, fizzing party in a bowl that is just SO much fun! I dip my hard-working tootsies in and let the fizzing work while it whitens and brightens my nails as well as refreshing and soothing my feet! It’s nothing short of delightful and takes only 5 min to work it’s magic while I relax! Of course it can be used on your fingertips with equally great results and although I’ve tried other whitening soaks that tend to smell like bleach and retirement homes, this one is as refreshing as a cocktail that I CAN finish! It leaves your nails pristine and cared-for,removes stains and I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t enjoy using this unique product. Mike has been hinting he to want to indulge…great gift idea along with perhaps a Nailtini color too! Their packing is just so cute and honestly, they have created a niche in terms of their marketing and original offerings which I love!

Buy your clean and sparkling Club Soda Fizz soak here and as always,be prepared to spend a bit of time on their entertaining site!

It’s getting to be that time when time seems to be elusive and short, we’re all on the RUN so why not indulge a bit on your own and treat your nails to a healthy and much-appreciated cleanse while you enjoy a cocktail and a magazine! I always say one of my “important rules of beauty” especially to the young ones out there is to take CARE of your feet because as you get older (and alas, you will…) they need more attention so you can enjoy the things and shoes you love! Nailtini will insure they look gorgeous as well!

I am VERY fond of this product! Do you also treat your feet to the best of care? Enjoy the Holiday and take a bit of time for you! Have you ever delved into the ‘Tini line.

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