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This is a re-post because My Solemate is now available on AMAZON! This is an AMAZING PRODUCT and FANTASTIC STOCKING (get it) Stuffer!

mysolemateMeg here! I’m just watching the Grammy’s and building myself an egg to incubate in.  I hope you all had a great weekend!

This next product is wonderful for someone who’s Indian name would be “Chief Stinkfoot.” No, really. In Los Angeles, everyday is strappy heel day. When we’re not running around in strappy heels we’re running around barefoot. It’s a weird mish-mash of casual living and back breaking stiletto’s. 

I’m guilty of it, I have judged people by the shape of their tootsies. There are few things as off putting as chipped polish, dry cracked feet or toe callouses. I mean, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit typing that.

I stay on top of it. I go get a mani-pedi 2x a month but I honesty hate having my feet touched. I also hate that weird cheese grater/knife contraption that my pedicurist asks “Callous removal?”It’s an extra $5 on top off it. I’m lucky because now I can reply “I don’t need it.”

As with every single problem in life, prevention is key. You’re in the shower everyday anyhow so why not take care of your footsies with my solemate? I use my lemongrass one everyday and “Chief Stinkfoot” has left the building. Picture a bar of soap backed by a handy piece of plastic. That’s the first part. The second part is a pumice that snaps onto the other side. So it’s a dual tool that gently exfoliates off dead skin. It gets rid of callouses and cracks and it prevents new ones from appearing. Once I’m all pumiced I then lather up with the refreshing lemongrass scented soap. Easy as 1-2-3  and I’m in no fear of impromptu walks on the beach!

Here’s what My Solemate says “infused with shea butter, aloe, and vitamin E complimented with our unique pumice nourishes and exfoliates feet safely and effectively. The two in one component saves time and money, providing for less trips to the nail salon which can cost up to $60 for a pedicure. The refillable soap cartridge is a great feature that saves money too so you don’t have to buy a new pumice stone every time your soap runs out! Choose from two amazing scents Lemongrass and Silk Blossom. Works great on hands and elbows too!”

Another wonderful idea I didn’t come up with!

What tricks do you have for keeping your feet open toe ready?

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