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Meg here! I have just been looking at the weather channel and good Lord, is this spring? I thought this post was going to be timely. Everyone was going to be so eager to learn about my new fantastic faux tan! Then I saw that the country was blanketed under weather misery, let’s hope you can use this advice sooner than later!

The weather here is starting to get warmer and the limbs are beginning to come out. It’s L.A., it’s not like we’ve had a difficult winter. I hesitate to even call it “cold” since there may be some of you that are actually in weather less than 48 degrees (brrr!) 

I went to the dermatologist 2 weeks ago and I asked him “What’s this brown freckly type spot on my cheek?” I then pointed to my lower face. I don’t know how the next sound wasn’t “thud” as I wanted to drop down and faint on the floor as he casually replied “oh, that’s from the sun. Just an age spot.” AN AGE SPOT? On my face. I immediately thought of my friend Emilie, her 85 yr. old Grandmother called her 88 yr. old boyfriend “M&M Head” because of all of the sun spots on his face. I really am not ready to become “M&M Head.” Speaking of age spots, there also seem to be a few getting ready to make their way on my hands. Yup, you can tuck and lift and inject your face. You can laser it and bleach it and peel it. What can you do with spotted, ugly hands? You can buy fancy gloves. You better sunscreen those hands now, unless you’re into telling people that you like to work part time as a chauffeur, and you’re just in uniform.. 

No one that knows me would believe either! With my amazing, pasty Irish skin, the only choice I have is to sunless tan. Sure, I could sit in the sun but the fear of age spots has me paralyzed and I can’t actually move.

All of the Oompa Loompa fear has been taken away by the beautiful Sinead Norenius and her fantastic tanning line, Beautisol! I’ve always been rocking the faux tan. With more success some times than others. Since I have been introduced to the Beautisol line, I am streak-free and have a super gorgeous glow. It’s so easy, dries fast and they even have a product made just for your face! Not only is Beautisol’s “Need I Glow More?” specifically targeted for your face, it targets for your skin type! How awesome is that? I used it yesterday and not only do I look “glowy” it also camouflages skin imperfections (Ahem, like the above mentioned “age spot.”)


How about Beautisol Summer Glow Self Tanning Lotion? I used DARK TAN (but don’t be afraid, the color is buildable. On first application, even my Casper butt looked sun-kissed, not unnatural.) 

I look healthier, I look sexier, I look thinner! It did not make me humble. But who needs humble? When was the last time you put on a pair of short shorts and thought “do these make me look humble?” Never, that’s when. 

How did I achieve limbs that I am proud of? Ones that make my body smooth and fake something people call “toned?” How am I streak free and fabulous? The boobs to the left? Those are mine. Well, I mean, they were paid for, so yes… Anyhow, look at the tan color? That’s after one application! Pretty darn great right?


SHOWER: The first step to a gorgeous tan is to exfoliate.

#1 Michael Todd True Organics Walnut Grapefruit Scrub: I applied this to my body in the shower, I let the shower steam up and I grabbed ths tube. 

 Michael Todd True Organics Walnut Grapefruit Scrub $19.00 You have to exfoliate or else you’re going to have a splotchy tan. Dead skin cells don’t soak up the pigment of a self tanner. I love how this scrub isn’t so grainy, it doesn’t hurt but it exfoliates. You have baby soft skin, skin that is ready to drink up pigment. You’re smooth and your stems glow. It doesn’t leave any residue and the bottle is HUGE.

After the shower, I towel COMPLETELY OFF (water can streak!)

#2 Kiss Streaks Buh Bye! No more messy palms!

 Beautisol Applicator Mitt Want to have as super smooth application, no need to wash your hands?

This applicator mitt cuts self-tan time in half. It also takes out the annoying step where you have to scrub your palms! It is easy peasy and I have enlisted Nick Stern into Self Tan back applicator. He’s not exactly happy with this new job, but he still manages to breeze through it in 2 minutes and it looks like a professional did it. I swear, I am really building his resume of “special skills.” 

#3 Beautisol Summer Glow Dark Self Tanning Lotion

The Grand Finale! The final step. It dries fast, is cruelty free and STREAK FREE! Looks naturally amazing. Like, I’ve never had a REAL TAN this GREAT! All of my friends are in awe and buying their own bottle!

The first thing you notice is there is no stinky scent, it’s clean. Like fresh linens or like you’re Fabreezing your body. The pump distributes just the right amount. I like 4 pumps and then I fold the mitt in half so the tanning lotion is evenly distributed. I start from bottom to top. Sinead recommends you do this after your shower before bed. I have done that and I find it is also the best way. However, you are literally dry in about 5 minutes. Knowing this, I have also done this before I start my day. While I am drying my hair I let my body dry. I throw my clothes on and have had no issue with streaking. It is really so easy, it looks so nice. I can’t tout this product enough!

To make it even easier for you to give this a shot (DON’T FORGET THE MITT!) Sinead is offering 25% with code MEGSTAN. How great is that? 25% OFF BEAUTISOL! I posted my boob picture all over the social networks and interwebs so let’s hope she got some sales coming in!

What’s the weather doing in your parts and how are you staying “tan” but keeping out of the sun?

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