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The fab and fantastic Jessica from Murad sent Megsmakeup out Murads Three-In-One Firming Bronzer SPF 15. In the press release, one of the lines jumped out for me …“three main summer skin concerns – sun protection, skin firming and a radiant tan – in one product.” Multi-tasker’s unite! I am also a multi-tasker, right now I’m writing this post, watching tv and drinking coffee! How do it do it all? It’s not easy I tell you.

I have been writing about bronzers a lot. It’s hard to think of new, witty bronzer angles. After the seventh story ending “And I was ORANGE”! I think you ladies get the punchline. But here’s a really funny story. Krista came to visit me and I handed her this bronzer and she put it on after her shower’s the kicker..Her face was orange!! I know, it gets me everytime. Being orange never gets old. However, this could turn into some kind of scientific skin debate.

Rachael came to visit me a couple weeks later and I handed her the same Murad bronzer and she used it on her legs and arms and it looked FINE! Really natural and not a orange shade at all. There you go, your first completely useless review. Sorry about that, but the stories are true. I’m wondering how our test panel fared on this one.

Here’s what Murad has to say..“Get the one-two-three punch of summer fun, without the summer sun! For use on the face and body, Murad’s NEW Firming Bronzer SPF15 is a patented, triple-action formula designed to increase skin elasticity and firmness, illuminate the skin with a bronzed, sun-kissed, removable glow – all while providing protection from the sun. Backed by an independent scientific study, Firming Bronzer SPF 15 is proven to increase skin firmness by 32% in just 15 minutes!”.

Ladies, please let us know if this multi-tasker left you protected, firm and natural or if you’re Americas Next Top Oompa Loompa?

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