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Meg here! I would like to say in my defense that I am 100% not a flake. If I tell you I’ll pick you up-I’ll pick you up. I get to every appointment 10 minutes EARLY. I keep my word. I am really good about it. I made a mistake this weekend and here is my post…

I forgot my razor. We were at The Madonna Inn (please do not sleep there-that’s another post.) Anyhow, I unpacked my razor, it was pink and had a bunch of different blades you could snap into the main “razor body.” I took it out of my large make-up travel bag and I, of course, used it everyday at The Madonna Inn. I mean we went to a POOL everyday in my BATHING SUIT so yes, I was using my razor. I guess when I was emptying the shower and checking under the bed to pack up and leave I forgot to add my razor. No worries. They’re really not pricey.

I know my new roommate, she is very nice and sweet and gracious. The thing is I’m not around all that much. We haven’t had any late night herpes talk (I’m clean) or if I may carry hepatitis (clean again) or, you know, that little H.I.V. thing (yup-all clear Houston). I had to go out to a dinner and only had clean a sleeveless and leg showing dress. I had my razor trapped in a bright pink suite in the central coast. I searched my bag and panicked as I looked at the clock. SHIT.

I asked my roommate if she would let me use a razor in exchange for a makeup product. She looked at me like I was an insane person and just said “I don’t need a make-up product-here’s my razor. I put a new blade in. Just use a different blade. No worries.

That was so cool of her. Thank-you Cindy.

The next day was a Saturday and I walked to brunch with Robyn. There are few places in LA where you can walk but my neighborhood is great with restaurants and little shops. As we were walking back I said “Oh, don’t let me forget, I’m just going to pop into this beauty supply store and buy a razor.” I had a Bloody Mary at brunch, I am older and wiser and I know even one drink and a car is a terrible idea. A CVS was a car ride away and I was confident this well stocked store would have a basic razor…I was wrong.

The saleswoman told me that they did not carry razors but not to worry, I could purchase Moujan! Depilatory foam for legs and body. It was $13.00 and with one spray from this can the spray would turn to mousse and I would be hair-free!

I had a date with Megken to go to his friends art show and I had to leave at 7pm. At 6pm I got naked and put a towel on my bed. I shook my Moujan and sprayed (it comes out like hairspray but lands like a foam.) I did as the directions said, 4-5 inches from the spot and wait. I sprayed my underarms, legs-and because my aim bites-my entire pube area. There is just not a lot of angles or precision with this can.

Here’s the weird part, I read CNN and MSN and Facebooked. I waited a good 15 minutes and then I took my acrylic nail and hit my pubes. My pube hair was all shrivelled up and fried looking so I figured that this goose was cooked.

My pube hair evaporated-totally gone in the shower. My underarm and leg hair THEY WERE STILL THERE!! WTF?Surprised

Unless I am an alien, I don’t get it. I followed the directions and the only place it worked? Well, let’s just say I look the same as I did when I was 11 years old and waiting for “the curse.”

I had 15 minutes to spare so on the way to Megken’s I bought 2 spare razors just to have “incase.”

Nair has always worked for me in the past but I do tend to stick with a razor. Waxing? Nair? Razors? How do you get out of hairy situations?

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